GenesisPlus Laser Toenail Fungus Treatments

How to treat laser toenail fungus using GenesisPlus Laser Treatments. Now that summer has officially begun, it is time to say farewell to your warm winter wardrobe, pack away the winter boots and slippers, and break out your cute wedge…

Bare It All: Laser Hair Removal for the Summer

Laser Hair Removal can help you have a confident, hair-free summer. Now that summer is officially here, it is time to dig out the shorts and bathing suits, hit the beach and take advantage of the wonderful weather. However, while…

The Truth About Lasers

How does a laser work? Lasers work by emitting a specialized light that is passed through the skin and preferentially absorbed by its target, be it an unwanted blood vessel, birthmark, sunspot or hair. Where should you go to have…

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