Gut health is critical to your overall health. A healthy gut can help protect you against illness and disease, increases your metabolism and improve numerous other processes in your body. At the Dr. Shel Wellness & Aesthetic Center we offer the most advanced testing available to more accurately identify the specific causes of your gastrointestinal issues.

We Offer The Following Tests

Gluten Genetic Testing Celiac

  • This test is ideal for anyone who suspects they may have a sensitivity to Gluten.
  • A positive result indicates a sensitivity to gluten. However, most people with positive genetic results don’t develop full Celiac disease. Celiac development is higher if you have a first degree relative with Celiac.
  • 1 in 100 people in the US have Celiac.
  • This test is conducted via cheek swab.

ELISA/ACT for Food & Environmental Sensitivities

  • A highly comprehensive and accurate test that measures the sensitivity of foods, chemicals, molds, preservatives, additives, toxic minerals and metals.
  • Greatly reduces the risk of “false positives” that you may get from less accurate tests.
  • This test is conducted via blood draw.

Cyrex Labs for Gluten Reactivity & Specific Sensitivity Testing

  • This test looks at cross reactive foods with gluten, wheat, gluten reactivity and mucosal gluten reactivity.
  • This test is recommended for people who need more insight into the specifics of their gluten sensitivity.
  • This test is conducted via a blood draw or saliva sample.

Genova Testing for Gastrointestinal Disorders

  • This test is recommended for those with poor GI health including: IBS, immune disorders, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and chronic constipation.
  • This test evaluates anaerobes, parasites, adiposity (fat), absorption issues, inflammation and sensitivities.
  • This test is conducted via a stool sample.


For more personalized information about Gut Health Testing, please request your consultation, or call us at 281-609-4439.

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