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Affected Areas

Pearl skin rejuvenation erases fine lines and wrinkles, corrects uneven skin texture and reduces hyper-pigmentation on the face, neck and chest to reveal a youthful, pearl-like glow.

How Pearl Rejuvenation Works

Prior to the Pearl Rejuvenation procedure, numbing cream will be applied to your skin to ensure that your treatment is very tolerable. The top layer of skin is then treated with pulses of light in just the right amount of energy in a pre-selected pattern to eliminate unwanted fine lines and hyper-pigmentation while the laser also adds heat to the dermal layer of your skin to stimulate new collagen growth.

A natural protective dressing forms on the skin to minimize downtime during the restorative process. On day 3 or 4, this natural dressing will peel or slough off, revealing new, healthy, vibrant skin underneath.

In a short time, patients will notice overall skin clarity, smoothness and softness – all from a 15 minute treatment with only 3 – 4 days of “social” downtime.

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Pearl Rejuvenation Recovery

To minimize “social” downtime and maximize your results your skin forms a natural protective dressing that sloughs or peels off after a few days. This process reveals new, healthy, vibrant pearl-like skin underneath. Within a short time, you will notice overall skin clarity, smoothness and softness. You can return to your normal schedule in 3-4 days looking younger and fresher!

The Pearl Rejuvenation Process

  • Initial Consultation
  • Procedure: 30-60 minutes per session
  • Sessions Required for Optimal Results: 1-2
  • Recovery Time: 72 hours of social downtime


Pearl can be used on minor scars, however for more severe scars Pearl Fractional would yeild better results.

There is minimal pain associated with Pearl and a topical numbing cream will be applied to minimize any discomfort.

Pearl requires little to no post treatment care or downtime. The skin will be red and may fee llike a sunburn and will fade over the course of 1-3 days.

Yes, the skin will naturally sloughs off after 3-4 days.

Pearl treatment is more superficial and the Fractional treatment goes much deeper. Pearl is ideal for fine lines and mild pigmentation. Fractional is more ideal for deeper wrinkles and for skin tightening.

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