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Fotona QX Max Laser Tattoo Removal

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Do you have a tattoo you no longer want? Laser tattoo removal can be conducted on any part of the body where a tattoo is no longer desired. Dr. Shel removes her patient’s tattoos using only the latest in advanced tattoo removal technology to produce superior results within the shortest amount of time…safely!

Fotona QX Max Tattoo Removal Laser

The QX MAX transmits extremely short energy pulses that cause tattoo pigments to break into smaller particles that are then removed by the body’s own immune system. Multi-wavelength, Q-Switched laser systems are the ideal tools for effectively removing complex and multi-colored tattoos. Different wavelengths of light are required to absorb different colored pigments.

Fotona’s QX MAX Q-Switched laser technology generates the highest single nanosecond pulses on the market, which are more efficient at removing pigment than multiple-pulse technologies of equivalently high power. This enables the laser to reach deeper and remove more pigment per session.

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Recovery & Side Effects

Following a laser tattoo removal treatment, the treated area can be red and tender. However this tends to diminish within one to seven days. In some cases hyper or hypo-pigmentation of the skin may occur. This usually corrects itself anywhere from 6 to 12 months later. Keloid scarring is also a potential risk.

Laser Tattoo Removal Process

The laser tattoo removal process begins with the initial consultation. Dr. Shel uses this meeting to discuss the upcoming treatment sessions and to address any questions you may have about the procedure. The time per treatment session depends on the size and pigments of the tattoo that is being removed. The recommended time between each session is four weeks. One of the benefits of laser tattoo removal is that there is no downtime during recovery.


The pain level of tattoo removal is usually very well tolerated, but largely dependent on the individual’s pain tolerance. If you are someone who perceives pain receiving a tattoo then you will also perceive a similar degree of pain during the removal process. We use a special cooling device to help limit discomfort during the procedure.

The number of treatments is determined by the size of the tattoo as well as the colors used in the tattoo. The number of treatments are determined during your free consultation.

In most cases there is little to no scaring. However, some people are naturally more predisposed to Keloid scarring than others. Additionally, in some cases the tattoo artist may have scared the skin during the tattoo process, so removing the tattoo will merely reveal this scaring.

You will see some results even after the first treatment. Optimal results are seen after completing the recommend number of treatments which is dependent on tattoo size and color complexity.

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