A great article from Dr. Dicqie:

“I recently read about a new product that is being introduced in other countries (presumably to test market and prove efficacy) before they bring it to America. Pepsi is promoting their new drink “Pepsi Special” in Japan, which claims to allow less absorption of fat in the system. They are marketing it as “Busts fat, subdues appetite.” The problem is that there’s a big difference between saturated and unsaturated fat, and this fat blocking fiber drink hinders the absorption of both types – including the good.

I am sure it will be here soon given that the Japanese consume fewer carbonated beverages than almost all other developed nations. They drink just 21.6 liters of sodas, which equals a little less than 6 American gallons per person a year. That is exactly one-tenth of the American total of 216 liters (nearly 60 gallons) per person a year. This is the world’s highest. Are you one of those consumers?

Pepsi’s rival Coca-Cola, meanwhile, has been working hard on its international health colas and is reportedly working on a line of drinks in France that it claims will make the consumer more beautiful. Although the world’s carbonated leader is yet to release any information on the venture, it is expected that the company is partnering with a French drug company known for making health and beauty products.

Keep in mind these are the same companies that gave us diet colas. Now we have a scientific study, one of the most comprehensive and longest human studies – spanning 22 years – that concerns aspartame toxicity. It involved the health statistics for nearly 48,000 men and over 77,000 women over the age of 20. The study evaluates the effect between aspartame intake and cancer.

What were the results? They found a clear association between aspartame consumption and non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and leukemia. Aspartame breaks down to Methanol, which acts as a Trojan horse – it escorts toxicity into susceptible tissues in your body, like your brain and bone marrow, where the ADH enzyme converts it into formaldehyde and wreaks havoc on sensitive proteins and DNA.

Based on this, I have to say I have my doubts about this new “fat fighting” cola and just how “healthy” it’s supposed to be for us. And I feel pretty confident about my skepticism!”

Thanks for that info, Dr. Dicqie! It’s important for us to not fall into the trap of believing the ‘hype’ without educating ourselves on all of the facts.

-Dr. Shel

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