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Breast Cancer is a difficult diagnosis for most.  We women have to find a way to stay strong, reduce the stress and unpleasant side effects to make the cancer treatment process much more effective, simpler  and smoother.

As we approach a time where integrative treatments and the balance between mind, body and spirit become more prevalent, the combination of integrative therapies along with other cancer treatments is becoming more widely sought out and utilized in many patients.  Women state that the benefits of these therapies are vast and they notice significant improvements in their physical, psychological and spiritual well-being.  I want to educate women on 7 simple therapies that can greatly improve their life before, during and after their cancer treatment protocol to help them regain their vitality.

1) Nutrition and  Supplementation:

A healthy diet can be achieved by incorporating plenty of lean proteins such as: fish, chicken, turkey, and nuts along with free radical fighting fruits and vegetables to keep your immune system healthy.  Ensuring that you receive adequate nutrients can be easily achieved by testing for nutritional deficiencies with a Spectracell micronutrient test which determines which supplements and dietary changes are needed for you to ensure optimal health. I recommend medical grade supplementation from an integrative doctor’s office, rather than over the counter due to absorption and regulation issues. Some of the supplements I recommend everyone take for helping to prevent cancer are DIM, Vitamin C, Iodine, and NAC.

2) IV Nutritional Therapy

IV reatments such as Intravenous Myer’s Cocktail  supply patients with high doses of needed nutrients such as Vitamin C, B Vitamins, B12, Magnesium, Calcium, and much more. Intravenous Vitamin C infusions are also gaining favor in the realm of cancer treatments and prevention.  By going directly into the bloodstream you bypass the digestive system and are able to get 100% of the nutrients into your body.

3) Detoxification:

Cancer treatments take a toll on your body and mind and the prescription medications that help relieve symptoms and battle the cancer cells, though necessary, can deplete your nutritional status and leave you feeling toxic.  Some great ways of detoxification are our Infrared Detoxifying Sauna and our Aqua Detox procedure.  Both of these work very well together to assist you in feeling your best and detoxifying your body.

4) Acupuncture:

Acupuncture is becoming widely accepted as a means to relieve pain, stress and manage symptoms before, during and after treatment. It can restore a healthy balance and assist with alleviating nausea, fatigue and hot flashes.

5) Massage:

A recent  study showed that patients who received regular massages experienced less  depression, anxiety and anger and they were more energized afterwards. It is also beneficial for patients who have undergone surgery to help with the elimination of fluid, which can reduce stress on their bodies to promote recovery and healing.

6) Yoga/ Meditation/ Visualization:

I encourage each of my patients to incorporate a routine that includes yoga, meditation and/ or visualization to facilitate a relaxed and positive state of mind. There is a very strong connection between mind and body and I often see the health of the body greatly improve by first creating a healthy state of mind. We have added Tai Chi most recently to our practice for our patients and also have a medical meditation guide on staff to assist our patients and the community with these needs.

7)  Stress Reduction:

Stress reduction is key in everyday life and is especially important when the body is in a compromised state. Since stress can fuel

chronic inflammation, I suggest that patients get their cortisol levels tested and then introduce methods for stress

reduction such as: walking, yoga, reading, and 1 hour of personal quiet time per day, to reduce the load that stress puts on your body.  I recommend doing a salivary cortisol level to see the levels of cortisol throughout the day and treat accordingly.

The best advice I can dispense is to thoroughly educate yourself on integrative treatments and take time for yourself to ensure an effective treatment protocol and long term health and happiness.

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