Getting The Right Mix

It is important to make sure that you do both cardio & resistance workouts. If you focus solely on aerobic workouts you run the risk of negatively impacting your weight loss goals.

Instead, try mixing it up by adding some short, intense resistance training along with the cardio. Intense exercise can keep your metabolism stronger and help prevent elevating your cortisol production. Muscle is also where fat is burned. The more muscle you have, the more fat burning capability your body has.

Put Quality Over Quantity

Instead of being obsessed with notching a daily workout, make each workout count, and then be satisfied when you’re done. Runners have a phrase for this: “No junk miles”. This means you opt out of extra jogs that will hinder your recovery, steal energy from a future session and may even lead you to getting injured.

Beat Withdrawal

If you missed a planned workout and feel anxious about it, and you are finding it impossible to take a day off, try a quick workout instead. Doing a quickie like 5 minutes of cardio and 5 minutes of body-weight moves like push-ups. This 10 minute workout helps you de-stress and generate some mood-boosting endorphins without overtaxing your body and helps you move on with your day.

Rethink a Rest Day

Shake the mindset that equates taking a day off as being lazy. The smartest workout plan includes having tough days with moderate ones, and having true break days. A rest day is complementary to your workout days by allowing your body the time it needs to rebuild and get stronger and leaner. This does not mean you have to sit on the couch though. For a walk, or leisurely bike ride, as long as it really is light and not stressing your muscles.

The Dangers of Over exercising

Too much aerobic exercise can lead to elevated cortisol production, which can cause a breakdown of muscle tissue & actually increase in fat storage. Overly strenuous anaerobic exercise can lead to muscle, joint, and other types of injuries. For example, some cross-fit routines can be overly taxing on your body and lead to injury.

Aside from the physical consequences of over exercising, there can also be psychological drawbacks. It can trap you into a cycle of believing that if you miss a workout you will instantly take a step backwards. This is not the case at all. The body takes a lot longer than a few days to de-condition. If you can’t make a workout, don’t stress about it!

The Bottom Line:

  1. Don’t overdo it.
  2. Mix your cardio and strength training.
  3. Take a rest day…and be OK with it!
  4. Focus on quality over quantity.

What kind of exercise routines work for you? Please share your comments and questions below.

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