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VANQUISH ME™ Fat Reduction treatments are available at Dr. Shel Wellness & Aesthetic Center! VANQUISH ME™ is the latest ground-breaking technology for non-invasive fat removal. Comfortably relax while your fat is being selectively targeted and disrupted. VANQUISH ME™ uses radio frequency technology to heat up and permanently destroy fat cells in the abdomen, flanks, back, arms, and thighs. Short sessions with no downtime make this a great lunchtime treatment. Here is a demonstration on how we use the BTL Vanquish ME™ in our office.


How does the Vanquish ME™ device work?

The Vanquish ME™ device, FDA-approved for circumferential fat reduction, is an arch that extends across the target area without touching the patient. During the session, the patient lies comfortably on a table while the device delivers controlled RF thermal energy to the area, heating the underlying fat to 120 degrees (while sparing the skin), destroying the fat cells. Over the next several weeks, the lymphatic system eliminates the dead fat cells, naturally flushing away excess fat.

This is different from another treatment you may have heard of called Coolsculpting. We offer both treatments and select what we think is BEST for each of our patients. Coolsculpting freezes the fat and Vanquish heats the fat. Either way, the fat cells are destroyed permanently. The main difference is that we can treat larger areas with Vanquish per session and we can do a special technique called “shrink wrap” where we can treat the front and the back of a person’s mid-section.

What areas of my body can be treated with Vanquish ME™?

Of any device currently available, Vanquish ME™ can treat the largest area at a given time. Whittle your waist and eliminate the love handles at the same time. You can also reduce the muffin top area of the back and hips, upper back fat, and the outer thighs. The Vanquish ME™ device quickly and affordably improves problem areas that just don’t respond to a healthy diet and exercise.

Will I feel any pain during treatment? Are there any side effects after treatment?

Vanquish ME™ is painless, described by patients as being warm like a heating pad. Because the device does not touch the skin, the only side effects may be skin that feels warm and slightly tender, with minor swelling and redness that normally disappear within a few hours.

Does VANQUISH ME™ tighten loose skin?

Though skin tightening is not the primary function of Vanquish ME™, most patients do experience some skin tightening from the treatment. Skin laxity and overall body contour can see improvement by the very nature of its radio-frequency energy, which is well-known to result in skin tightening.This is also one of the benefits of Vanquish ME™ over some of it’s alternatives.

How fast will I see results? How long do they last?

Many patients report seeing results after the first session, with the full effect being seen within 4 weeks after the final session. Vanquish ME™ kills the entire fat cell, not just the fat inside the cell, making results successful long-term. Long-lasting results are sustainable with a healthy lifestyle.

How many treatments will I need to achieve my desired results? How long do they take?

Because Vanquish ME™ delivers continuous energy evenly to a large area at one time, sessions are significantly shorter and fewer treatments are needed than other fat-reducing treatments.Treatments include 4 sessions spaced 1 week apart. These 4 sessions will provide a MINIMUM of a 1 pants size decrease or more, up to 6.

Why Choose VANQUISH ME™?

    • Noninvasive – no anesthesia or needles
    • No pain – relax while the device melts the fat away
    • Treat the entire abdomen with a single procedure
    • Drop a MINIMUM of 1 pants size (up to 6)
  • Treatment includes 4 weekly sessions
  • The largest treatment area in the industry
  • Patients of all sizes can be treated
  • Safe – no downtime, no risks
  • Easy Fat Reduction

Ready to Find Out if VANQUISH ME is Right for You?

We are so excited to bring this amazing technology to our patients! If you would like more information about the VANQUISH ME™ procedure, schedule a Consultation, or simply call us at (281) 313-7435.

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