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Achieve glowing, beautiful matte skin with this breakthrough skin product.

Many people search high and low for beauty products and moisturizing lotion that will help them achieve bright, glowing skin. This is not only essential for looking your best throughout the day, but it also provides a nice base layer for those who wear makeup. However, there is a very fine line between skin that has a fresh, dewy glow and skin that has a slick, oily shine. Unfortunately, for many people, that fine line is the summer heat.

This current 2011 summer season has been one of the hottest on record for many states and has trigged a relentless wealth of heat waves to sweep the nation. Unfortunately, these swampy, hot summer days can bring out the worst in even those with the best looking skin.


During the summer, people typically produce more oil than at any other time during year due to the awful combination of heat, humidity and sweat. Add all of these factors together and you have skin that gets greasy and makeup that melts right off. Even worse, overly oily skin can also prompt outbreaks of blemishes, acne, tenderness and inflammation.

So, how can you clean up your oily summer shine and keep your skin looking fresh and glowing all season long? The first step is a proper mattifying gel to absorb your skins oil:

Biopelle’s OC Eight Mattifying Gel

Most traditional facial shine control products that you find at supermarkets or department stores tend to dry out your skin or simply cover up your oily shine. While these short-term solutions may provide temporary results, you will still find yourself blotting your oily skin and reapplying makeup throughout the day. However, Biopelle’s OC Eight is a one-of-a-kind shine control product that works mechanically to hold oil away from your face throughout the day.

OC Eight works by “trapping” facial oils as soon as they are released from your pores with its ACRYSORB micro-particles. These specially designed technology particles work to permanently trap up to 6x their own volume in oil, ensuring continuous shine control throughout the day. It also helps reduce the appearance of redness and blemishes, while unclogging your pores at the same time.

The best part about this wonderful gel is that it is simple to use. Designed to work as part of your daily skin care routine, you can apply your oil-free makeup and sunscreen right on top of the gel in order to maintain a “just applied” look that will last for up to eight hours. Applying OC Eight before your typical foundations or powders will also help you achieve a more even-toned look for your skin.

This can be especially beneficial within the skin’s “T-Zone”―the area around the forehead, nose and chin. This is where most women will typically notice an oily facial shine because it where our body has the greatest concentration of sebaceous glands, which are what produces our skin’s oils.

While the summer season is a great time of year to get outside and soak up the outdoors, there is no excuse for oily skin. Maintaining proper skin care and utilizing helpful mattifying gel such as Biopelle’s OC Eight will help to ensure that you say bye-bye to shimmer and shine and hello to fresh, healthy looking skin all season long.

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