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Many men, men that we live with and men that we love, as they age, they go through a lot of symptoms that are very bothersome to them, but they don’t know where to go.

Guys, if you’re out there thinking, “I don’t need a doctor” or simply think of these symptoms as part of aging or intense stress, or whatever else you might be going through, that might not be the reason you are not feeling your best. Statistically speaking, women have more doctor visits than men. When we see men in our practice, we look at everything, a complete holistic picture. We try and really delve into what are the men going through as far as their symptoms.

  • Do they have fatigue?
  • Do they have loss of muscle mass?
  • Do they have low libido?
  • Do they have irritability or mood swings, perhaps depression?
  • Do they experience weight gain, perhaps hair loss?

All of these things are very common amongst men, especially men that are professionals, working hard, not sleeping enough and just keep going, going, going and burning the candle on both ends. This is something that I think is crucial to discuss. It is important for men to realize that there is a stage that men go through called andropause.

Andropause is a phase in which the testosterone levels decline quite steadily
and in some cases, quite rapidly in most men starting at around age 40.

This can happen a little earlier or a little bit later, it just depends on what else is happening in the body. With our male patients, we like to look at the entire picture, not just hormones, although we do test hormones to see if that is a component of what might be going on as far as symptoms go.

However, we examine their nutrition habits, to discover any nutritional deficiencies they might have, what supplements they might need, to look at their gut health to see if there’s inflammation in the gut that might be leading to joint pain, muscle pain, brain fog, constipation, bloating, gas, cramping. These are certain items that oftentimes are just ignored by a lot of practitioners.

It’s very important to know that as we age and as we try to achieve that next level of success, we are burning adrenaline. If we continue to want to work so hard to be successful, we need to support the adrenal glands. We also need to make sure our thyroid hormones are working optimally because that could directly lead to things like hair loss, weight gain, insomnia, constipation, as well as many others such as depression; that’s something that can be easily overlooked as well.

Symptoms of Andropause

I’d like to give a message to the men out there, make sure you make yourself a priority!

Strength. Tenacity.

Confidence. Drive. Initiative.

These are words that come to mind when we think of a healthy male specimen.

Our goal at Dr. Shel’s is to help you make a comeback, restoring you to the way you ‘used to feel’…or even better with our Men’s Wellness Program at our health clinic. Dr. Shel Men’s Wellness Center treats men, every day.

Don’t think that just because some things may be going on in your body, it makes you less strong or less masculine. It is a process that we all go through. Men go through hormonal changes as well as other changes in their bodies that need some support. What they need is the person that practices functional medicine or integrative medicine to put the whole picture together.

If you have any more questions about this, give us a call or just simply go to my website We’ll be happy to schedule your consultation, educate you further and see what could be the missing link that is keeping you from feeling energized, revitalized, great muscle mass, great motivation and get you back to feeling like you again.

We offer telemedicine appointments as well.

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