Every summer, I spend time doing a little traveling, both for work and leisure. Over the next couple of weeks, as I prepare for a few different trips, it got me thinking about how I continue to support my body, inside and out, so that I can feel healthy and balanced while I’m not in my normal routine or surroundings.

As exciting as traveling can be, it can be challenging at times to continue leading a healthy lifestyle. Just when you want to be somewhere with tons of energy and enthusiasm, you begin feeling jet-lagged, tired and not fully present.

Because I have experienced this myself in the past, and I hear from many patients who have experienced the same, I wanted to share some of the things I do to ensure that I enjoy every bit of my vacation, so that I can continue feeling healthy, well and balanced no matter where I may be.

Whether you are traveling for fun or for business this summer, I hope you find these tips helpful.

  1. Sleep well. One way to ensure I am energetic throughout the day is to make sure I sleep well at night. Too little, or even too much, sleep can really make you even more sleepy the next day so it’s important to make sure you’re getting just the right amount. Additionally, too little sleep adds unnecessary stress on your body. I always pack Kavinace PM or Melatonin with me on every trip so that I can be sure I get a good night’s rest no matter where I am. Kavinace PM helps me fall asleep and stay asleep, without feeling groggy or sluggish the next day.
  2. Exercise and stay hydrated. One thing I love to do while I’m on vacation is to exercise first thing in the morning. Whether it’s a long walk, a yoga session or a quick trip to the fitness center, I love getting up and moving. It gets my metabolism going, keeps me energized throughout the day and, as an added bonus, it gets me out and about to see new things. That being said, I also make sure I stay hydrated, especially while I’m exercising. I take a BPA free travel bottle with me everywhere I go so that I can drink plenty of fluids all day long, whether I’m in a foreign country, a beach or just a few states away. Knowing I always have access to hydration gives me peace of mind.
  3. Eat clean. This is something that many people struggle with, and I did too at one point. Many believe that when their bodies are on vacation, their healthy eating habits are too, but I cannot stress the importance of sticking with a clean diet while you’re traveling. Think about how great you feel when you’re eating healthy lean meats, organic vegetables and lots of fruits. Now consider how you’ve felt when you’ve devoured an entire plate of pasta and bread sticks or a favorite dessert. You probably felt sluggish, right? While I do enjoy myself from time to time while I am traveling, I try to make sure I stick to a pretty similar diet as when I am home so that I can feel just as good. One way I do this is by taking my protein powder with me everywhere I go. I simply pour some into a smaller travel-friendly bag with a scoop and toss it in my suitcase. This way, with a quick scoop and a little water, my breakfast is covered, all with high amounts of plant-based protein and healthy ingredients. I also make sure to always pack my Probiotic and Digest because I know how difficult it can be to find healthy food while I am traveling, especially in airports, and I know both of these will help my gut stay healthy.
  4. Meditate. Meditation is the one thing that can really, and I mean really get you relaxed. If you think a massage on the beach is relaxing, try meditation. It calms your body, clears your mind and relaxes every ounce of your body when done focusing on your breath in silence. My favorite meditation apps are “Calm” and “Insight timer”. They’re easy and quick with lots of options for guided meditations and relaxing music. The apps help induce relaxation and because they’re on my phone, I can take them anywhere I go with me. Please do yourself a favor and try to incorporate this amazing habit into your daily lives, whether on vacation or not.
  5. Take reinforcements. What do I mean by reinforcements? Well, to stay healthy and balanced at all times, I never forget to pack my DIM and Thyroid Support. Both of these have been designed to help promote hormonal balance so if I don’t bring them, I risk myself feeling imbalanced and tired, which always results in not being able to fully enjoy my trip. When my hormones are balanced, everything is that much better. As they say, “When momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy” … think of your thyroid and other hormones as the mother ship without which, nothing can operate fully.

I hope you enjoy your upcoming trips and joyful moments with your loved ones!

What are some of your favorite vacation planning tips for staying healthy and well? Share with us so we can all benefit!

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