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Simple tips for becoming energized first thing in the morning.

During the long summer days in June and July, it’s easy to find motivation to get up early―more time spent outside doing outdoor activities, soaking up as much sunshine as the summer season has to offer, or getting to your local parks and pools early in the morning in order to beat the crowd. While it may be simple to get up with the sunshine on a gorgeous July morning, the motivation starts to wane as we get closer to the end of the season.

Now that we are officially into our second week of August, the smells and sights of fall no longer seem that far away. For many people, that means waking up early to get to work or school instead of rushing to the local beach, which doesn’t exactly spark the same feelings of motivation.


However, there are many benefits that come along with being a “morning person.” The possibility of getting in a good work out before you head to the office, the chance to relax with a good book and enjoy a hearty breakfast, and the lack of feeling like a mad person as you frantically rush out of the door with a coffee in one hand and your second shoe in the other.

But, let’s face it―not all of us are morning people. Luckily, there are several simple tricks that you can do to help yourself wake up feeling fresh and energized in the morning. By following these tips, not only will you find yourself a little more relaxed when you get to your job in the morning, but you will also achieve a positive feeling that should last you throughout your day.

Wake Up To “Happy” Sounds

Nothing is more harsh or obnoxious than waking up to a shrill “BEEEEP BEEEEEP BEEEEEP” in the early hours of the morning. (And you wonder why you hit the snooze button!) These harsh sounds will not only jolt you out of a deep sleep, but they can also quickly drain your energy. Instead, try waking up to the soothing sounds of nature or one of your favorite happy tunes. Nothing puts a pep in your step faster than getting out of bed to one of your favorite hits on the radio.

Lay Off The Snooze Button

Speaking of you snooze button lovers, those extra five, ten, twenty minutes of sleep are not going to make you feel more awake. In fact, during those extra minutes, you are already out of deep sleep so there is no way you are achieving the rest you’re hoping for. Instead, set your alarm for the time you want to get up (not 15 minutes before), then actually get up at that time. You will feel much more energized than trying to get back to sleep for “just five more minutes.”

Eat A Healthy, Early Breakfast

While many people are aware that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, very few know about the importance of eating breakfast on time. Research has shown that you should aim to eat breakfast soon after you wake up in order to get a jump start on your metabolism. Eating breakfast early in the day also helps to regulate your blood sugar levels, give you extra energy, and can even assist in maintaining  your weight.

For some people, the end of the summer season can prompt them to unplug their alarm clocks and hibernate inside their room until next June. However, just because we are entering fall doesn’t mean that all of your summer energy has to fade away. By following these three simple tricks for waking up early, you can train yourself to become more energized and motivated each and every morning, even if you’re still not a morning person (we won’t tell―promise)!

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