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I am here to tell you about something that’s extremely exciting, and I’m actually using it right now.


The BTL EMSELLA chair, which is super innovative and very exciting because there is nothing like this on the market.

 So, what is it for?

 It’s actually for women, and it’s FDA approved for women to deal with incontinence. 

So, if you’re like me and you’ve had a couple of children, or if you’ve gone through just aging processes where the pelvic floor muscles get weaker. And when that happens, what tends to happen is women tend to go through different kinds of incontinence. There’s stress incontinence, which is a little leakage when you calm, sneeze, jump, run, laugh. And then there is mix incontinence, which is a combination of urge incontinence, which is when you have to go, you’ve got to go, and you better get there. Otherwise, things can happen. So, you can have urge incontinence, stress incontinence or mixed incontinence. 

This device allows the patient to remain fully clothed. I’m sitting on this chair, and this chair now has a fantastic name of EMSELLA because it uses Tesla MRI technology. It’s magnetic technology to stimulate the pelvic floor muscles. 

You can sit fully clothed and be fully comfortable. It’s actually stimulating the pelvic floor muscles where it goes through different cycles, and it’s giving the pelvic floor a lot of exercise that you cannot give it without doing something like this. 

So, we’ve all heard of the term Kegel exercises. 

You’ve been through your doctors, and you say, “Well, Doc, I have a little incontinence. What do I do? 

Well, go home and do some Kegel exercises.” 

Now, millions of us have tried that, and we know that most of us either A, are not doing it correctly or B, which we cannot do it strong enough to get the incontinence out of control. 

So, in times past, the biggest procedure that used to be done for incontinence was surgery. 


So, you have your swing procedures for procedures, a lot of different procedures where you’re lifting up that urethra the angle and recorrecting the angle. I’ve done those procedures myself on patients. But again, it’s a surgical procedure. 

The next thing that you can do that is a little less invasive than surgery, which we have been providing this laser procedure for a long time. We have the BTL Ultra Femme 360, this laser will simulate the mucosa as well as lift the interior natural mucosa to give the bladder some support and help with the incontinence. There have been several studies done, and I’ve been involved with some studies, where the laser will confirming this process.

This is completely game changing. 

And a lot of my urogynecology colleagues are extremely excited because it’s completely game changing. They’re thinking that it’s going to actually take over or take the place of a lot of surgeries that they’re doing. 

So again, I’m perfectly comfortable. It takes six sessions twice a week, 30 minutes long, fully clothed, nothing invasive, nothing surgical and entirely comfortable. 

If you are suffering in silence with incontinence or with interstitial cystitis or any kind of pelvic prolapse and you don’t want to go the surgical route, this is something you should look into. You can call our office at 281-313-7435 or email us at to schedule a Consultation and a FREE Demo today 

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