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The power of long lashes & tips on how to increase their length.

It’s only natural for a woman to want to feel attractive and noticed when she walks into a room. It gives you a sense of confidence and power when all eyes are drawn to you  and you look and feel your very best. While a great body or a fantastic wardrobe can really make a woman shine, one of the most attention-grabbing features of any person is their eyes.

Think about it―One of the first things you notice about a person’s face when you see them for the first time is their eyes: What color they are, what they say about a person’s emotions and feelings, whether or not they are making eye contact. There is a common saying that says “the eyes are the windows to a person’s soul,” and it can be very true.


There are many ways that a person can improve and feature their eyes:  mascara, eyebrow waxes, eye shadow, eyelash curlers, eyeliner, etc. However, while makeup can definitely enhance and improve a person’s eyes, it cannot always substitute for something that isn’t there, such as short, stubby eyelashes.

In many cultures, long, beautiful eyelashes are considered a sign of femininity and elegance. Even in the United States, many women strive for longer, fuller lashes every day through the use of lengthening mascara or false adhesives. However, while these solutions used to be the only way to achieve this highly coveted physical feature, there are now a wealth of products available for women who want envy-worthy lashes.

Why Consider Longer, Fuller Eyelashes?

There are a number of reasons why women wish for longer lashes. Most of the time, it is to enhance their eyes and improve their overall appearance. However, the benefits of longer lashes can go well beyond beauty. Eyelashes play a crucial role in the health of your eyes. They serve as a protective shield to keep foreign matter out of the eye and also stimulate a person’s blink reflex.

As you get older, time and abuse can damage your natural eyelashes, causing them to grow in thinner and more sparse than they may have when you were younger. A women’s makeup routine can also be an eyelashes’ worst enemy. For instance, sleeping in mascara or rubbing and tugging makeup remover across your eyelids can damage the thickness and growth of your lashes.

How Do You Get Beautifully Long Lashes?

There are a number of eyelash growth products on the market that can help you to achieve longer, thicker lashes in just a few weeks.

Latisse is one of the most popular, effective ways to naturally grow longer eyelashes. This FDA-approved treatment is applied topically once a day to the base of your upper eyelashes. The prescription then works by mimicking hormones called prostaglandins which lengthen the lash growth rate. Results are typically noticed after just eight weeks, with full results around week 16.

For those who are serious about growing longer, fuller lashes, schedule a consultation with your health and wellness doctor to see if this treatment options would work well for you. No longer worry about the pain and hassles of using fake eyelashes every time you want to have swoon-worthy eyes. With natural eyelash growth products, you too can have gorgeous longer lashes that enhance your eyes all season long.

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