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Women are confronted daily with a beauty industry that spend billions of dollars telling them that they could be even more beautiful than they already are. Just the sheer volume of images and messages that women face can leave a person feeling “less than” or in constant need of some sort of repair. So I think it’s critical that women begin to believe that they are inherently beautiful creatures. Their souls, that inner light, that divine spark which is within all of us is always there and present in our lives. I hope women can begin to really love themselves and embrace the idea that being happy, content and grateful for everything you already are is truly the best beauty secret in the world. That’s where it all begins.

As someone who is immersed in women’s health issues, I am constantly meeting women who have, in their own words, “let themselves go.” What I think they mean is that they’ve lost themselves. They are so far from that innocent, joyful, wonder-filled little girl that they’ve forgotten the essence of what once brought them a sense of peace and happiness. This happens to all of us, but we can choose to reclaim this special, uninterrupted part of ourselves and begin to grasp what it is to be who we really are. I deeply respect the women I meet who have spent so much time on their spiritual and emotional journeys. They are at peace with themselves and enthusiastic about life. But even these extraordinary women often confide in me that their outer appearance simply does not match how they feel inside. This is where aesthetics can really be a lifeline to reclaiming the whole “you.” It’s not about vanity or pressure or society’s expectations. It’s about caring about yourself in new ways that reflect the beauty that lies within us all.

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