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Maybe you’re a man searching for answers to some of your most frustrating symptoms. Perhaps you’re a woman looking to help improve the health of your husband, father or brother. Either way, there are some very common health concerns that nearly every man will face throughout their lifetime. Discover the underlying causes of these health concerns and natural solutions for each.

Prostate Disorders

The prostate gland is a walnut-shaped gland that is situated below the bladder, in front of the rectum and surrounding the urethra. Around age 50, prostate health becomes a genuine concern for most men because as a man’s body ages, as does his prostate gland. As the prostate gland ages, it swells and can grow abnormally, which can have a large impact on a man’s urinary and sexual health. 

At age 40 you will want to begin scheduling routine prostate exams with your physician, however, no matter your age, you should consistently protect your prostate so that you can minimize your risk of developing prostate-related issues.

Dr. Shel’s Advance Prostate Support has been designed to provide balanced and comprehensive support for optimum prostate function. This specific formula I have created:

  • Supports a healthy balance of hormones involved in prostate health
  • Provides targeted nutritional and antioxidant support for the prostate gland.

Advance Prostate Support may help improve frequent or painful urination, strengthen urinary flow, increase total prostate function, decrease the urge to urinate at night and fully empty the bladder.

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Low Testosterone

If you’re a man over the age of 30, there is a 25% chance you have low testosterone, commonly referred to as “Low T”. Low testosterone is very common, and also very frustrating and sometimes life-altering. Low levels of testosterone can cause extreme fatigue, weight gain, depression, lack of drive, low libido, sleep disturbances, and more. 

On the flip side, optimal testosterone levels promote heart health, encourage weight loss, improves libido, enhances mood and so much more. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, or believe you may have low testosterone, I encourage you to test your symptoms today to learn your options to treat these health concerns naturally.

High Cholesterol

More than 70 million Americans have high cholesterol. What most don’t know is that high cholesterol is almost always related directly to diet. Upon diagnosis, conventional physicians will prescribe cholesterol-lowering drugs, which typically leads to more frustrating side effects and even greater health concerns, which adds to the confusion and symptoms. What I have discovered is that more often than not, high cholesterol oftentimes has a direct correlation with low thyroid function, or hypothyroidism.

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Heart Disease

Still the number one leading cause of death in men and women in America, heart disease is something that many fear and are aware of. Most men are naturally inclined to reach for cholesterol or blood pressure medications, however there are so many other options when it comes to treating symptoms that contribute to heart disease. 

One of the best treatments for men and the risk of heart disease is testosterone supplementation. Bio-identical testosterone helps to protect the heart naturally, as well as the arteries, and overall can reduce the risk of developing heart disease. There are also many natural supplements that can help promote healthy blood pressure and cardiovascular levels, thereby, also reducing your risk of heart disease. Magnesium, vitamin C and vitamin D are some of the most basic nutrients you can take on a daily basis to improve blood pressure levels and overall heart health.

Low Libido

A poor sex drive is very common in men beginning in midlife. While we are consistently exposed to the “little blue pill” in the media, it is also important to know that there are natural solutions to improving libido in men (and women, too). 

Male Libido Booster features herbs and ingredients that help maintain testosterone levels in men, as well as supporting sexual desire and fertility. Additionally, Libido Support includes a combination of nutrients to help improve erectile function and desire in men. If you suffer from low libido, there are natural solutions to bring back that loving feeling, without the dreadful side effects of prescription drugs.


Are you concerned about low testosterone levels, hypothyroidism or heart disease? 

If so, I encourage you to test your symptoms today to learn your options for treating these health concerns naturally.


Get Well,

Dr. Shel

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