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Hypothyroidism affects more than 40% of the human population. That’s nearly half of the world! Many are deeming hypothyroidism to be an epidemic as the incidence of those with this thyroid disorder is increasing year after year.

While hypothyroidism may be a common health concern for many, it is all too commonly misdiagnosed, leaving patients confused, overwhelmed and exhausted despite their efforts.

If you experience fatigue, cold sensitivity, inability to lose weight or focus, have dry skin or brittle nails, experience muscle and joint pain, or suffer from chronic and recurrent infections, it is likely you are suffering from hypothyroidism, or low thyroid function. It is so important that you monitor symptoms such as these as many conventional physicians are quick to prescribe drugs, which simply mask the symptoms instead of getting to the root cause. For example, many physicians will prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs for muscle and joint pain. They’ll prescribe anti-anxiety drugs or antidepressants or tell you that it’s “all in your head” and then refer you to a psychiatrist. They’ll write a prescription for sleeping pills to help you sleep at night so you can feel more energy throughout the day. It is a very common misconception that all of these will help, but as many have found, they do the exact opposite. Not only do they not address your symptoms, they can make you feel even worse than before! It’s like patching a tire again and again instead of replacing it altogether.

The wonderful news is that there are natural solutions to help balance and support your thyroid gland so that it can work for you instead of against you.

A clean, paleo-style diet and bio-identical hormones are two key factors to thyroid health. There are also many different supplements that you can take to help balance your thyroid gland, which is what I will be covering today.

4 Best Supplements for Hypothyroidism:

  1. Selenium is a trace mineral that plays many roles in the human body and is a crucial ingredient needed to form thyroid hormones. In fact, in adults, the thyroid gland is the organ that contains the highest amount of selenium. Selenium acts as a catalyst to convert the inactive T4 hormone to the active form, T3. When taken daily, selenium supplements can actually decrease thyroid antibodies, reducing your risk of developing Hashimoto’s. Additionally, selenium is required for the antioxidant function and metabolism of thyroid hormones.
  2. Iodine is particularly critical for proper thyroid function. More than 75% of the body’s iodine stores can be found in the thyroid gland. Sub-optimal thyroid function can be a direct result of iodine deficiency.
  3. Zinc has many functions within the body, but most importantly it impacts your immune system, hair growth, eye and skin health, digestive health, and of course, thyroid function. You must have adequate levels of zinc to properly metabolize vitamins A and D, which are both critical for thyroid health. Zinc and thyroid hormone levels go hand in hand: zinc needs proper thyroid levels for absorption, and your thyroid requires zinc for optimal function. It is so important that you have sufficient levels of both to see that they stay in balance at all times.
  4. Thyroid Support is a proprietary blend of nutrients that I have created to help provide safe and effective glandular extracts to feed and fortify the thyroid, pituitary and hypothalamus glands. Thyroid Support contains glandulars, such as thyroid concentrate, anterior pituitary and hypothalamus, as well as SeaSel Kelp, iodine and various vitamins and minerals specific for thyroid health. This blend provides optimal delivery and absorption of some of most important nutrients needed for optimal thyroid health.

As always, I want to stress the importance of buying your supplements from professional grade supplement companies or providers that are GMP certified. GMP certified manufacturers go above and beyond with certifications and accreditation that test their products for potency and safety.

If you believe you may be experiencing symptoms of hypothyroidism, I encourage you to take charge of your health and get started on the right path of natural wellness. Each of these nutrients are available to you on my website at

I also encourage you to take my complimentary online assessment to test your symptoms today. If you suffer from hypothyroidism, call us today and to learn your natural treatment options for low thyroid function. 281-313-7435

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