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We live in a busy world. So many of us are up early, have a fully scheduled day and then before we know it, we are back at home getting ready for the evening routine. We are exhausted. So when was the last time you actually ate a meal outside or traded your gym workout for a stroll in the woods or a nearby park? Can you remember the last time you turned off the TV or your computer and just sat outside in the evening air watching night clouds go by or being mesmerized by the vastness of the starry sky? Or what about skipping your cleaning routine for a day (or even two!) and using that time to admire a sunrise or a sunset? We live in a beautiful, mysterious, remarkable world, yet we do not take the time to notice the natural ebb and flow of life all around us. When you reconnect with the natural world, you receive extraordinary health benefits for your mind, body and soul. When you break a routine, you are allowing new experiences and new dynamics to enter your world in powerful and extraordinary ways. Your perspective shifts and new people and ideas have the opportunity to come in. And even being outside nourishes your body and soul in untold ways. We are natural beings caught up in artificial environments, so why not spend time with animals, explore a lake, plant a tree, go on a hike or simply rest under an ancient oak tree for even just an hour. You can feel the earth rise up to meet you and to help you on your path to health and happiness.

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