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It seems our Apples, Pears, Hourglass and Ruler body shapes can assist with identifying areas of our health that should be monitored and improved. Recent studies show that body shape may directly impact your physical health. An expert in high-blood pressure reports that different body shapes are prone to problems such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. The expert reports that these health risks are fairly easy to diagnose using the Body Mass Index.

Warranted, body type’s effect on health is vigorously debated in academic and medical circles.

What we can say for a fact is that no matter our body type, our health isn’t as optimized as we would like it to be. For most us it is difficult to find adequate time to exercise, prepare the proper foods in the appropriate portions, take the time to alleviate stress and allow ourselves the precious hours of much-needed sleep.

The fancy term for incorporating all of these elements to develop synchronicity within is called holistic health. How do the sum of all the parts of our being—the physical, the emotional and spiritual–work together like the woodwinds, brass, percussion, and strings of an orchestra? When they are working together, the harmony of your complete wellness is almost heavenly. If they aren’t, they usually alert us with symptoms that are anything but harmonious. These symptoms, which can manifest as always being tired, sad, anxious, unmotivated, physical sickness, sleep disturbances, and weight management, can lead us to start paying attention to the overall care we’re providing our bodies.

Rarely do medical professionals consider a person’s emotional state, and certainly not their spiritual condition. In holistic healing, all are equally important instruments in the symphony of our life. These are sensitive topics that require discernment and a genteel nature. But they are critical to everything you need to find contentment and good health.

We work to help patients “wherever they are,” be it helping them lose weight, or just rejuvenating their bodies through means of aesthetic and wellness options. And yes, if desired, we greatly encourage and help you to connect the triangle of body, mind and spirit.

No matter your situation—and certainly your body shape—a positive future can be chosen. And found just around the corner.

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