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Back in 2002 the FDA first approved Botox for cosmetic use, giving us an easy and effective method for reducing the appearance of those stubborn wrinkles and creases.

If you have used Botox you have undoubtedly become accustomed to it’s convenience and effectiveness, but what if there was an even better option out there? Xeomin (pronounced ‘ZEE-oh-min’) is that option!

There Are Two Main Reasons Why You Have to Give Xeomin a Try:

  1. Reduced Chance of Resistance:
    Both Botox and Xeomin contain the same active ingredient, however, Xemoin is a “naked botulinium toxin”, meaning it does not have added proteins (additives) that are found in Botox. The potential advantage here is that you are less likely to develop a resistance to Xeomin. By reducing your chances of developing a resistance, you also reduce the potential need to have to increase the amount needed to get the desired effectiveness.
  2. Faster Results:
    Xeomin tends to work faster for most people. Xeomin takes about one week for the full effects to take place. Xeomin patients typically start to notice the wrinkle-relaxing effects within one to four days which is usually a bit sooner than with Botox.

Are You Ready to Try Xeomin?

Remember that results with both Botox and Xeomin vary and are largely dependent on the severity of your wrinkles at the onset of treatment. If you currently use Botox I highly recommend that you give Xeomin a try. You may find that you get your results faster and with the added benefit of a reduced chance of developing a resistance to botulinium toxin.

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