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Discover how Testosterone Therapy in Houston, TX, can Also Help Men Women Feel Better and Stronger.

Testosterone Therapy Houston TXWhen you think of testosterone, typically, you automatically think of men. We all know this is the sex hormone that men naturally produce and is what makes men, well, men.

It helps them think clearly, supports healthy weight and muscle mass, increases sexual health, and has also been shown to protect against Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, depression, and many other age-related diseases.

But did you know that women actually need testosterone therapy just as much as men do? It’s true, know more about it in this blog.

From bone and sexual health to energy and an ideal body weight, testosterone is easily one of the most important pieces to the puzzle when it comes to feeling optimal and balanced.

Testosterone in Women

Women produce testosterone, too. While women only produce about 10% of what a man produces, women’s bodies naturally make testosterone in their ovaries and adrenal glands. Because of this, it is important to supply your body with what it has become deficient in. Like men, women’s testosterone levels typically peak in the twenties and slowly decline from there on out.

In addition to testosterone decline, women also experience a decline in progesterone and DHEA, too. Because women’s bodies naturally produce testosterone, and because it is necessary for complete hormone balance, it is important that testosterone supplementation is considered if the levels are low and you are symptomatic.

Important Benefits of Testosterone in Women:

  • Testosterone improves energy.

    Maybe you have a hard time getting out of bed, or you just feel drained at the end of the day. Perhaps normal physical activities that don’t normally cause exhaustion have you feeling completely wiped out all of a sudden. Or, even after a good night’s rest, you still feel exhausted.

    Chances are, if you’ve been experiencing extreme fatigue in one form or another, this could be a direct response to low testosterone levels, as well as deficiencies in other key hormones as well, such as progesterone, thyroid, and cortisol.

  • Testosterone has positive effects on strength, fitness, and muscle mass.

    Aside from encouraging healthy energy levels, testosterone has many benefits when it comes to helping women achieve and maintain lean muscle mass and a healthy body composition. Like in men, testosterone supplementation can help build muscle while also combating weight gain in women.

    Now, ladies, I’m not talking about building muscles like those who perform in bodybuilding competitions. I’m referring to the lean muscle mass that keeps your body feeling tight and toned.

  • Testosterone improves sexual health in women.

    There are many studies that have discovered the many sexual benefits of testosterone supplementation in women. Those women with low testosterone levels may experience low libido. In saying this, testosterone supplementation can easily help with low libido and sexual satisfaction, as well as any other sexual dysfunction. There is a great supplement that can naturally boost testosterone and libido; check it out here.

  • Testosterone protects your bones.

    The skeletal system can be adversely affected by testosterone deficiency. By not having a sufficient supply, you could be exposed to bristling or weakening of the bones, which could lead to osteopenia or osteoporosis. The correct balance of testosterone and other hormones supports the growth and strength of healthy bones.

  • Testosterone is almost always necessary in women, especially after menopause.

    Similar to all hormones, testosterone takes a nosedive after menopause. In fact, it nearly decreases by 50% in some women. High levels of stress, a hysterectomy, and certain specific drugs can all result in low testosterone levels in women.

    However, testosterone alone isn’t the answer. Many symptoms of low testosterone can also be caused by low estrogen and progesterone, too. Therefore, you always need to make sure you are balancing out all of your female-producing hormones, not just one.

As a woman, it may be hard to see the importance of the “man” hormone, testosterone, but I’m here to tell you that testosterone is just as important in women as it is in men. From bone and sexual health to energy and ideal body weight, testosterone is easily one of the most important pieces to the puzzle when it comes to feeling optimal and balanced.

The Role of Testosterone in Men

You’ve heard about low testosterone and how it can help build muscle mass, improve your ability to think quicker and improve your declining (or lack of) libido. While all these things are important to man’s health and overall sense of well-being, it’s also important to note that testosterone is crucial for more than just that.

Testosterone plays a key role in heart health. In fact, recent studies have shown that low testosterone levels in men can lead to many serious health problems, with heart disease being at the top of the list. How does testosterone protect your heart? Let me count the ways. Testosterone:

  1. Dilates the arteries, including the main arteries of the heart, therefore reducing blood pressure levels
  2. It can help reduce the chances of or even reverse arteriosclerosis or hardening of the arteries
  3. Encourages the natural flow of blood throughout the body and circulation, therefore decreasing the risk of developing clogged arteries or blood clots
  4. Has been shown to lower cholesterol levels and triglyceride levels
  5. Reduces blood glucose levels

In a recent study at Boston University School of Medicine, 656 men with low testosterone levels were studied. Of the group, 360 of the men received testosterone replacement therapy, and 296 rejected it. Of the men who took the testosterone, none of them had a heart attack or stroke. Ironically enough, there were 30 strokes and 26 nonfatal heart attacks among the group of men who did not receive testosterone supplementation.

At the end of the study, the men who received testosterone therapy reported significant reductions in blood sugar levels, total cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure, liver enzymes, and weight – all factors that contribute to a healthy (or unhealthy) heart.

Bottom line: If you’re experiencing a lack of drive or motivation, fatigue, weight gain, loss of muscle, or a decline in your libido, getting testosterone therapy for men could be the missing piece to your puzzle.

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