IV Therapy in Sugar Land, TX, Will Have You Improving Your Health While You Kick Back, and We Deliver the Treatment.

There isn’t a secret blend of herbs and spices that works for every person out there who wants to improve their health. In fact, when it comes to IV Therapy in Sugar Land, TX, each patient is different, and it depends on their unique needs and which option will work best for them.

With that said, what holds true is that this therapy is highly customizable. More people may benefit than they realize, considering an estimated one in nine people suffers from a nutrient deficiency. And that’s not counting the people who could use a bit of a pick-me-up, would like to lose weight without surgery, or just want glowing, radiant skin.

Fortunately, IV therapy has the potential to do all of this and more and is a treatment tailored to your unique needs and desires.

Improving your health, skin, energy, weight, or more might be fully within reach without surgery, medication, or other less-than-ideal approaches.

IV Therapy in Sugar Land, TX Defined

When you sign up for IV vitamin therapy, you’ll receive a concoction of minerals, vitamins, and other natural substances delivered into your bloodstream without a needle.

Because this method completely bypasses the digestive system, you receive a higher percentage of the nutrients given. Your stomach is the main problem when you consume oral vitamins or mineral supplements because it limits how much you can ingest and absorb. As a result, higher doses of nutrients can’t be given through this route.

However, when you receive IV therapy, those nutrients don’t need to pass through the stomach first, so your body can absorb much more of them, 100 percent of what’s given, to be exact. And your body will start to use the nutrients instantly since they’ll be readily available immediately.

Safety Is Our Priority

While the absorption rate might be phenomenal, having something given through an IV and at that high dosage may be a bit frightening.

But it really isn’t when you consider we run blood work to establish a starting point. Our team at Dr. Shel can then develop a treatment plan especially for your needs to ensure your safety and that you receive optimal results.

IV Therapy Isn’t a Narrow-Focused Treatment

Typically, when you think of IV therapy, you automatically visualize a treatment given in a hospital setting that replenishes diminished vitamin levels after you suffer from the flu or another illness.

However, in the comfort of our IV suite, you can receive your therapy and the following benefits, though the exact ones depend on the type of IV given:

  • Reduced allergy symptoms
  • Lessened arthritis pain
  • Detoxified body
  • Better-managed autoimmune disease
  • Strengthened immune defenses against colds, flu, and other respiratory illnesses
  • Decreased fatigue
  • Minimized stress
  • Controlled migraines
  • Improved skin appearance and health
  • Better healing after surgery
  • Better regulated autism

We’d also like to note that our IV therapy is beneficial in the prevention and treatment of heart, liver, or heart disease, cancer, hepatitis, or hypertension. It can be used for pancreatitis, diabetes, adrenal fatigue, COPD, and asthma as well!

A Sample From Our Menu

If you’ve never tried IV vitamin therapy in Sugar Land, TX, in the past, you’re missing out, especially with a facility like ours that offers such a wide variety of options. While we can’t give you a taste of each one, we would like to give you a peek.

  • Myer’s Cocktail

    Myer’s cocktail is essentially the creme de le creme of IV therapy. It’s a rich blend of micronutrients and minerals that’ll help energize your mind and body and have you feeling your best! Even Dr. Shel swears by a weekly regimen of Myer’s and glutathione.

    Because it’s such a varied blend of magnesium, B complex vitamins, and vitamin C, we use it for various health implications, such as chronic conditions like fibromyalgia or acute issues like the common cold.

  • Glutathione IV

    Glutathione is a blend of three amino acids. Your body isn’t able to produce much of it on its own. But, it acts as an impressively potent antioxidant that may help with the prevention of certain types of cancer and dementia and improve your insulin resistance if you’re a diabetic. It’ll also decrease your risk of heart disease and autoimmune disease.

    This therapy can even facilitate the detox process, which is part of its allure. When we combine it with vitamin C, it can improve skin pigmentation, reduce the appearance of age spots, and even prevent future age spots. Other benefits include the following:

    • Repairing the skin
    • Providing nourishment to the skin
    • Smoothening skin
    • Improving skin clarity
    • Slowing the aging process
    • Enhancing your skin’s glow
    • Making pores smaller and less noticeable

IV Therapy in Sugar Land, TX, With Dr. Shel Is Effective and Potentially Life-Changing

IV Therapy in Sugar Land, TX, won’t necessarily completely revitalize your look, but once you start it, you won’t want to stop once you experience how good it makes you feel.

Let’s say you’re having an energizing elixir. You’ll feel more like who you want to be. Though you still might not be up for running a marathon, you’ll be able to tackle whatever comes your way better.

Your treatment will certainly make you feel better, no matter which one it is. And at our aesthetic center, we’ll ensure you receive the one that is most suited to your needs. If you’re trying our medical weight loss solution, for example, you may want to pair it with one of our other treatments.

No matter which treatment you choose, you’ll receive the expertise of our team and the satisfaction countless other clients have received. Just look at all the reviews about us!

If you’re ready for an effective solution that can change your mood, energy levels, skin complexion, and/or health, contact us today at 281-609-4439 to book your appointment.

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