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This time of year, you may be stocking up on Vitamin C to treat or prevent a cold. You may not know, however, that Vitamin C can also be greatly beneficial to your skin.

If you are in your 20′s and 30′s, skin care should be all about prevention-taking good care of your skin now, so that you don’t have to correct it later. Obagi has a wonderful line called Obagi Professional-C Serum 15% that is perfect for just that.  It’s chocked full of Vitamin C, the only topical anti-oxidant proven to stimulate collagen synthesis.

It works by combining 4% hydroquinone with 10% L-ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) to:
  • Improve the appearance of hyperpigmentation (discoloration)
  • Accelerates skin turnover to restore balance, radiance, and clarity to lackluster skin
  • Promotes skin rejuvenation from the inside out
  • Minimizes future skin cell damage by neutralizing free radicals and protecting the skin
  • Maximizes antioxidant absorption due to a low pH level.  A low pH also means greater antioxidant stability and a longer shelf life than other leading Vitamin C products

It’s an ideal skin care system if you have:

  • Minimal fine lines
  • Minimal unevenness of skin tone
  • Mild hyperpigmentation and minimal age spots
  • Intolerance to, or are not ready for, more aggressive anti-aging regimens
  • Dry, normal, oily, or even sensitive skin
Even Oprah recently featured the Obagi C-Rx products on her site. In the article, noted dermatologists were asked to list some of their favorite products out right now. This skin care line is a higher quality, medical grade system that is sold and used by doctors.
*For the month of November, when you purchase an Obagi C-Rx kit, you’ll receive a complimentary Elastiderm Eye Cream Holiday set which includes the eye cream, a special eyelash conditioner called Elastilash (which is wonderful for growing your lashes thicker and fuller), as well as very cute travel jewelry case. You can scroll down to see a dramatic transformation from using the eye cream for only 8 weeks.
Happy Thanksgiving!
-Dr. Shel

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