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The dimples of cellulite affect most women and even some men at some point during their lives. The frustrating thing is, cellulite can even affect those who are otherwise fit and slender. Some of the factors that may influence how much cellulite you have are normal hormonal changes, dehydration, poor diet, slow metabolism, lack of physical activity and skin thickness and color.


  • Cellulite worsens with age…as your body produces fewer hormones. Your circulation also decreases, along with the proteins collagen and elastin.
  • Cellulite can run in families. This means if your mother has cellulite, there is a good chance you will have it, too.
  • Having cellulite doesn’t mean you are overweight. But if you are overweight, losing weight may reduce cellulite.
  • Aerobic and strength training exercise cannot cure cellulite, but exercise may help prevent or reduce its appearance.
  • With cellulite, the fat beneath your skin appears bumpy. The reason for this is that the fat is pushing against your connective tissues, causing the skin above to pucker.

Dr. Shel offers a fast, painless, non-invasive treatment to firm and tighten your skin. It’s called Viora Reaction – a clinically proven cellulite reduction treatment. Viora Reaction’s secret weapon is its combination of radio frequency and vacuum therapies, which target and improve areas of dimpling. This is a state-of-the-art alternative to surgery.

A Viora Reaction treatment is comfortable, simple and painless. It resembles deep-tissue massage with a suctioning feeling. Results are consistent and there is no downtime. This amazing treatment also helps remove toxins from your body by moving fluids through your lymphatic system.

Each treatment lasts about 30 minutes; the treatments are done in packages of four and eight. The most optimal results are seen following the full series of treatments.

Curious to know more about Viora Reaction? Now is the perfect time to call and schedule a consultation appointment: 281.698.7435. Dr. Shel looks forward to meeting with you. a-reaction/.

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