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Toxins play a huge role in the way you look, the way you feel and most importantly, the way your body functions every single day. What many do not consider is that toxins play a large role in hormonal imbalance.

The body, hormones and toxic exposure can be so complex, so confusing and so overwhelming that for many, it is so easy to look past how all these components affect one another. I get it! It’s a lot to take in! To help make this a little less confusing, and a lot more manageable, I wanted to take some time to share the relationship between toxins and your hormones because the better understanding you have of the two, the easier it will be to help take control of not only toxic exposure, but hormonal imbalance as well.

First things first, hormonal imbalance is an uneven distribution of hormone levels throughout the body. While some are too high, others are too low, which causes this “imbalance” you commonly hear of. To enable your body to function optimally, and to provide yourself with the best quality of life possible, it is crucial that total hormonal balance is achieved.

Here’s a little snippet of how the hormonal imbalance begins…

Many foods we consume contain hormones. The dairy animals and livestock which we get our food from are typically injected with growth hormones that, once consumed, end up in your body and throw off hormone levels. In addition to this, we are constantly using and are exposed to chemicals found in plastics (BPA), which are xenoestrogens. These xenoestrogens mimic human estrogen and are so powerful, they are actually stronger than our own hormones. As if all of this isn’t enough, many Americans take counterfeit hormones, such as birth control pills, once again, contributing to this imbalance. All of these factors, in addition to your own levels of hormones, can cause a total imbalance of your hormone levels.

So how do toxins play a role in hormonal imbalance?

Our bodies were created with an incredible detoxification system; the liver. One of which helps to filter out these excess hormones, including xenoestrogens, and other toxins. However, if your liver, your detoxification system, is constantly being bombarded with more and more toxins, the hormones are not able to exit the body properly and are therefore forced to recirculate throughout the bloodstream. When this happens, you are faced with an imbalance of the hormones and then begin experiencing symptoms of hormonal imbalance, such as fatigue, weight gain, brain fog, sleepless nights, mood swings, headaches, infertility, muscle aches and pains, low libido and the list goes on.

So when you reduce the amount of toxins your liver has to filter out, the quicker your body can also filter out excess hormones, and the better chance of reducing hormonal imbalance and a toxic overload.

Here are some easy ways you can help not only eliminate toxins, but also help correct any hormonal balance you may have:

  • Consume high-quality organic meat and dairy products that are hormone-free.
    Reduce your exposure to xenoestrogens. Always drink and eat from glass containers and never heat anything in plastic!
  • Follow a diet that is rich in organic fruits and vegetables. The fiber and antioxidants found in fruits and veggies helps fuel the body’s detoxification efforts.
  • Drink plenty of water. Not only does water keep your body and your cells (and your skin!) hydrated, but they help move waste products and toxins out of your body.
  • Eliminate toxic products in your environment. Whether it be a household cleaner, a hair care product or a lotion, find out if it what types of chemicals are in the ingredients and if you suspect it could be toxic, get rid of it and replace it with a more natural option.
  • Finally, follow a routine detoxification program that is safe, effective and supports hormone balance. My 14-Day Detox Kit is not only simple and safe, but it has proven time and time again to help guide my patients through a detoxification program so that they can feel rejuvenated and refreshed from the inside out.To learn more about this all-inclusive 14-Day Detox Kit, click here.

Additionally, if you think you could be suffering from hormonal imbalance, I encourage you to have your hormone levels tested. Test yourself with this quick online assessment to see if your symptoms could be hormone-related.

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