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Guys, let’s talk.

You’ve heard about low testosterone, or more commonly talked about as “low-t”, and you know you need it. You’ve also probably heard how it can help build muscle mass, how it can improve your ability to think quicker and give you more initiative and also, how it can improve your declining (or lack of) libido. While all these things are important, very important, to man’s health and overall sense of well-being, it’s also important to note that testosterone is crucial for more than just that.

Testosterone plays a key role in heart health.

In fact, recent studies have shown that low testosterone levels in men can lead to many serious health problems, with heart disease being at the top of the list.

How does testosterone protect your heart? Let me count the ways.


  1. Dilates the arteries, including the main arteries of the heart, therefore reducing blood pressure levels
  2. Can help reduce the chances of or even reverse arteriosclerosis, or, hardening of the arteries
  3. Encourages the natural flow of blood throughout the body and circulation, therefore decreasing the risk of developing clogged arteries or blood clots
  4. Has been shown to lower cholesterol levels and triglyceride levels
  5. Reduces blood glucose levels

In a recent study at Boston University School of Medicine, 656 men with low testosterone levels were studied. Of the group, 360 of the men received testosterone replacement therapy and 296 rejected it. Of the men who took the testosterone, none of them had a heart attack or stroke. Ironically enough, there were 30 strokes and 26 nonfatal heart attacks among the group of men who did not receive testosterone supplementation. At the end of the study, the men who received testosterone therapy reported significant reductions in blood sugar levels, total cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure, liver enzymes and weight – all factors which contribute to a healthy (or unhealthy) heart.

Bottom line: If you’re experiencing lack of drive or motivation, fatigue, weight gain, loss of muscle or a decline in your libido, testosterone could be the missing piece to your puzzle.

So what can you do about it?

While it may seem confusing at times, testosterone hormone replacement therapy is truly a no-brainer. If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms I’ve mentioned, ask your healthcare provider to check your testosterone levels. If your levels come back low, this is when you would want to start on a bio-identical testosterone replacement therapy, where you would receive testosterone that is biologically identical to the testosterone that your body already makes. Bio-identical testosterone is the key to getting your levels back up to where they need. Why? Because this is what your body is made to readily accept and absorb and in turn, offers the greatest benefit to your health.

How is this done?

Bio-identical testosterone replacement therapy is best two in one of two ways: BioTe pellet therapy or injections. Both have their benefits, which I will be discussing very soon in a separate post, but both are great options depending on your needs. Be sure to discuss your options with your healthcare provider.

Are you concerned that you may be experiencing symptoms of low testosterone? Take my low testosterone quiz today and see if you could benefit from testosterone supplementation.


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