In Low T, Testosterone

Have you ever wondered why there’s been all this talk about testosterone lately? Bio-identical testosterone has been known for many years for a myriad of health benefits, such as increased drive and motivation, increased libido, improved mental clarity and the ability to help build lean muscle mass. While all these things are great, and completely necessary to lead a healthy life, there are many other benefits to taking biologically identical testosterone that many people don’t know about.

Because most tend to think of testosterone as a manly hormone only needed for guys who lift a bunch of weights in the gym, I wanted to shed a little more light on this important hormone. I think you will agree with me that it is far more than what most people are lead to believe.

Here are 6 surprising benefits of testosterone:

  1. It’s more than a male hormone. While men are more commonly known for producing and needing testosterone, it is indeed necessary for everyone. In fact, women’s bodies produce and use testosterone as well, and without it they would never be able to achieve total hormone balance. Learn more about why women need testosterone here.
  2. It reduces belly fat. On the flip side, men who are obese have lower levels of testosterone. To achieve an optimal body weight, it is crucial that your body has the correct levels of testosterone. Studies have proven that men who supplement with bio-identical testosterone have a reduced waistline, and therefore, help them achieve their ideal body weight.
  3. It improves sleep. In order to attain deep, perfect synchronization is required. With low levels of testosterone, your brain is prevented from syncing correctly, and therefore, may hinder you from achieving that deep sleep cycle we all need.
  4. It protects your heart. Adequate testosterone levels have been shown to reduce overall inflammation throughout the body. The one organ this has a direct impact on is the heart. When you supplement with bio-identical testosterone, your arteries dilate, thereby reducing blood pressure. Your circulation improves, decreasing the risk of clogged arteries and blood clots. And finally, testosterone helps keep cholesterol levels and triglycerides at bay.
  5. Testosterone may fight depression. Sadly enough, depression lowers testosterone and low testosterone leads to depression. At times, they become a vicious cycle. In addition to this, symptoms of low-t resemble depression and visa versa. While most think of testosterone as the “muscle” hormone, it is in fact linked directly to the brain, especially in men, and inadequate amounts have been shown to greatly impact moods.
  6. It strengthens your bones. It’s true-testosterone helps build bone when it has been lost over time due to aging. The lower the testosterone level, the lower the chance of bone rebuilding, which can lead to a lower bone density and even osteoporosis or osteopenia. It has been said that testosterone replacement may increase total bone density in those with low testosterone levels.

Do you think you’re suffering from low testosterone? Man or woman, testosterone is crucial for the perfect balance of your hormones. If you think you’re experiencing symptoms of low testosterone, call us for a consultation or complete this quick assessment today.

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