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The temperature is rising as Summer approaches and hemlines are creeping up, revealing legs that have been hidden away for the winter. Do you like what you see?

It can be a telltale sign of aging: spider veins.  Many of us see them appear as we get older, but there are actually many causes, such as:

• Medical history: Heredity is a key factor, as well as being born with weak vein valves

• Hormonal changes

• Pregnancy: Both the increase in the amount of blood in your body during pregnancy and the pressure the growing uterus puts on veins can cause them to enlarge. Spider veins generally increase with each pregnancy.

• Obesity: Carrying extra weight can put pressure on the veins.  Yet another good reason to get down to your ideal body weight.

• Lack of movement: Standing or sitting for long periods of time forces veins to work harder to pump blood to your heart.  Sitting with your legs crossed or bent can increase the risk of spider veins as well.  It’s important to keep moving.  If you have a sedentary job, take a walk around the office a couple of times an hour to increase blood flow.

• Sun exposure: Can increase the risk of spider veins on fair-skinned faces…another great reason to use a good quality SPF!

As you can see, there are some factors that you have control over and some that are unavoidable.  So what do you do if you have issues with veins on your legs?

Today’s advanced laser technology allows us to eliminate spider veins through a simple treatment that involves heating the blood vessels that are visible.  It’s quick, easy and most people only need 1-2 sessions to improve the look of their legs.  The treatment is very effective-some results will be seen instantly and some will develop over the months following treatment.  You can read more about our Laser Vein Removal treatment on our website.  To learn more about the laser system that we use for this treatment, please visit the Cutera site as well.

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