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Lumpy dimples on thighs, buttocks, hips and belly…Yikes! That’s the definition of Cellulite and if you have some, you are definitely not alone! Approximately 90 percent of post-adolescent women are affected by cellulite.

In popular language, these deposits of fat have a cottage cheese-like texture. Medically, however, cellulite is not considered abnormal. Cellulite is much more common in women than men because of the way muscle, fat and connective tissue are distributed in women’s skin. Cellulite’s dimples are caused by fat deposits that push and distort the connective tissues beneath skin. Gender, heredity, skin thickness, age and the amount and distribution of body fat can influence the extent to which cellulite is visible. Female hormones may also play a role in cellulite production.

Is there a non-invasive treatment to firm and tighten skin? Yes!

Many women are choosing to undergo a fast, painless and affordable non-invasive treatment for cellulite called Viora Reaction – the most advanced, clinically proven cellulite reduction treatment to date.

The secret to Viola Reaction is that it combines vacuum and radio frequency therapies to target areas of dimpling to improve the appearance of the treated areas.

You can take advantage of Viora Reaction treatments here in our Houston office.

Viora Reaction treatments:

• Are a state of the art alternative to surgery;
• Are absolutely painless, simple and comfortable;
• Resemble a deep tissue massage combined with suctioning of the skin;
• Are a quick cellulite solution that can be done over a lunch break;
• Are fast, with consistent results, requiring no downtime; and
• Offer you a younger look with minimal risk of scarring or infection!

Each Viora Reaction treatment lasts approximately 30 minutes. As a bonus, treatments also help remove toxins from your body by moving fluids throughout your lymphatic system. Viora Reaction treatments with Dr. Shel are done in packages of four to eight treatments. Results may be noticeable immediately but optimal results are seen after completion of the full series of treatments.

Call Dr. Shel for a consultation today at 281.698.7435. Rid yourself of cellulite with a series of Viora Reduction treatments!

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