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This month I am focusing a lot of time and energy on toxins, detoxification and ways to improve your life by reducing your exposure to toxins. My hope in focusing on the importance of detoxification is that it will lessen the overabundance of toxins in which you are exposed to on an everyday basis, and in the long run, reduce the many detrimental health issues that come with toxin overexposure, such as hormonal imbalance, allergies, chronic fatigue and more.

While many of us consciously think about the food and drinks we consume and understand the foods that are more toxic than others, many forget the importance of making sure their personal care items are free of toxins, too. Believe it or not, extremely poisonous toxins may be lurking in your beauty products, such as toothpaste, deodorant, cosmetics, perfumes, lotion and more, causing serious health issues.

Before we begin, let’s take a look at the many symptoms of the toxic overload.

Symptoms of toxicity may include:

  • Fatigue
  • Weight gain
  • Acne
  • Constipation
  • Digestive issues
  • Excessive gas or belching
  • Inflammation
  • Brain fog
  • Depression
  • Headaches

Did you know that it only takes 26 seconds for all of the chemicals in your beauty products to enter your bloodstream? With the average women putting a minimum of 168 toxins on her skin or in her body each day, it is crucial to your health to be mindful of the harmful ingredients that may be hiding in your bathroom.

There are 5 very common chemicals (or toxins) that are found in most personal care items: phthalates, parabens, ethylene oxide, lead and triclosan.

  • Phthalates are most commonly found in deodorant, perfume and nail polish and are directly linked to causing breast cancer and diabetes in adults, as well as early puberty and obesity in children.
  • Parabens are very prominent in personal care items and are thought to to be found in 75-90% of cosmetics. generally found in lotions, moisturizers, deodorants and soaps. Parabens have been found in biopsies of those with breast tumors.
  • Ethylene Oxide is very commonly found in hair care products, such as shampoo and conditioner, as well as perfumes and lotions. Ethylene Oxide is correlated with an increased risk of breast cancer.
  • Lead has been shown to reduce fertility in women, and in children, may result in learning disabilities and behavioral problems. Lead is typically used in the making of lipstick, facial foundation and nail polish.
  • Triclosan is classified as a pesticide, which means it can have detrimental health effects on your hormones, specifically your thyroid hormones. Triclosan is commonly found in deodorant, toothpaste and lotions.I

I encourage you to pull out all of your lotions, creams, soaps, washes, make up, deodorant and toothpaste today and simply read the ingredients in each. You will be shocked at the amount of chemicals we are slathering on our bodies day in and day out.

Avoiding these toxic ingredients and the personal care products which are commonly found in your personal care products can greatly reduce the overall toxic load in which you are exposed to, and therefore, reduce the symptoms caused by toxins. Many of the personal care items I carry at my wellness center, as well as in my online store, are free of these harsh and harmful ingredients. From hair care and skin care, to moisturizers and sunscreen, shop all of your aesthetic and skin care needs here.

If you feel you may be experiencing signs of toxicity, I encourage you to try a safe and effective nutritional detox program, such as my 14-Day Detox. In my 14-Day Detox Kit, I include all of the supplements and detox shake ingredients you need, as well as a helpful guide so that you can safely and successfully completed a two-week detox program. The 14-Day Detox is something that I personally do three to four times a year, and is also something that I recommend my patients do at least twice a year. You can learn more about and purchase the 14-Day Detox kit here.

To learn more about the detoxification treatment options we offer in our wellness center, click here. Or, if you feel like you may be experiencing signs and symptoms of the toxic overload, call us today to learn about the many detoxification options available to you. Our knowledgeable medical team is passionate about our detoxification program and are more than happy to guide you in the right direction. Call us at 281-313-7435 or contact us here today.

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