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One of the things that I feel very strongly about is nutritional supplementation.

I think that is a very important part of staying healthy and living a very optimal life. What I like to do with my patients is I like to really focus in on, as an individual, what are their needs? The way that I do that is by initially, of course, looking at their symptoms and their issues that they are having, their lifestyles, their past histories, and their genetic profile.

I then like to look at nutritional testing.

What I like to do is instead of coming up with a protocol where it’s one size fits all, I like to do nutritional testing when they are interested in doing so with me. What I like to use is different tests, whether it be with labs like SpectraCell or Metametrix, or many different labs out there, I do different lab testing depending on what’s appropriate for the patient.

I then like to see what that individual’s deficiencies are based on not only the lab testing but also what kinds of predispositions do they have? Do they have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, risk of breast cancer, risk of other types of cancers, GI issues? 


Different issues require different supplementations.Tweet this!

We need different nutrients to feed our different glands and to feed our different processes that occur in our bodies. We can put everybody on bio-identical hormones, but unless they have the correct nutrients to support the process of that hormone, we’re not going to make optimal strides with those hormones. They really go hand in hand. 

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Sadly, I hear all the time, 

Well, I eat healthy. I eat vegetables, I eat fruits, I eat my X, Y, and Z.

 Why do I need supplementation?” 


Unfortunately, we don’t have the same types of nutrients on our foods that we did 100 years ago. There’s a lot of chemicals, pesticides, AND a lot of different things in our foods that, as clean as you try to get, you’re still going to need more. Your guts aren’t as healthy as they need to be and you don’t produce as many enzymes to really gain all of your nutrition from food. We really do need to supplement. This is a very important fact that I try to explain to my patients. 


We need to get past the, “Why do I need to do it?” We need to understand that we need to do it. Let’s just figure out what you, as an individual, need, and let’s optimize that.

My book  “I Am Woman: Our Journeys to Health, Happiness, and Harmony” mainly focuses on the different symptoms that I see all around me in women. I’ve also included a lot of real patient stories; patients that have come through these programs. I’m giving you what has changed in their lives, their families’ lives, their friends’ lives, and the lives of their community.


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Get Well,

Dr. Shel


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