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Have you ever read the ingredients on the backs of your skin care products? From cleansers and toners to lotions and astringents, majority of your store-bought, mass produced beauty products come with a hefty list of toxic ingredients, such as dyes, fragrances, preservatives and other not-so-necessary fillers that are absorbed directly into your pores, which can eventually lead to a range of long-term health effects.

Think about how long you’ve used and will be using skin care products. Forever, right?! If you’re like me, you can probably remember your very first face wash and moisturizer as a kid or teenager. Think about how long ago that may seem and how long it’s been since you’ve started using skin care products. It’s most likely several decades. So for all these years, we’ve been smearing these lotions, potions, cleaners and creams directly into our skin, absorbing all of their toxic dyes, fragrances and preservatives directly into our pores. It’s a little disturbing to think about, isn’t it?

The good news is that there are several natural ways you can continue on with your beauty regimen without the use of these toxic products and their ingredients. For centuries, women have turned to natural skin care products and have the incredible skin to prove they work just as well!

The Toxic Truth of Most Beauty Brands

Sadly enough, nearly all beauty products in this day and age are mass-produced, which means that manufacturers are using the most inexpensive, highly-available ingredients to produce millions of products to push out to consumers. What does this mean for us? It means that the products we are using every single day, whether it be a beauty or household product, are loaded with an extraordinary amount of toxic and synthetic ingredients which are then absorbed right into your skin and can cause a host of issues. Because of this, and because of the abundance of these mass produced beauty and personal care products, it is so important that you read the ingredients listed on all of your products and know what’s in them and what you should avoid.

I challenge you to skim through your beauty and skincare products and read through the labels. As you read through them, you want to look for ingredients that are similar to those that you would consume when following a healthy diet. Search for healthy, unprocessed ingredients without anything that may be artificial. The closer your products are to nature, and the more its ingredients include those of a healthy diet, the more your skin and body will know how to use them.

What These Toxic Ingredients Do to Your Body

One of the biggest consequences of using these chemically-produced products is the buildup of toxins, which eventually can lead to hormonal imbalance. Now you may be wondering how a simple facial cleanser and moisturizer can cause hormonal imbalance. Let me explain:
Many of our personal care products, like lotions for example, contain ingredients that are known as hormone disruptors. These external hormones found in these products essentially mimic our human hormones, and even include synthetic hormones that negatively affect the endocrine system. Soon enough, these endocrine disruptors can cause hormone imbalance, which directly impacts a woman’s menstrual cycle and fertility, as well as hormone levels in men.

The scientific makeup of these chemicals mimic the hormone estrogen so closely that they bind to the same receptors in the body, tricking your body into thinking they are true hormones, but unfortunately, they have the ability to turn on and off genes they’re not supposed to, causing your hormones to dysfunction.

Additionally, overloading your skin and endocrine system with these chemicals can negatively affect your skin’s natural healing processes, your immune system, your eyes and even your respiratory system. Not only this, but all these chemicals smeared directly into your pores adds to the already toxic load our body’s are faced with day in and day out.

A few harmful ingredients to look for in store-bought personal care products are:

  • Parabens, which are a type of plasticizer used for preservation
  • Artificial colors
  • Fragrance
  • Toluene, which is known as a paint thinner
  • Sulfates, which can cause kidney and respiratory issues
  • Titanium dioxide, a type of metal commonly found in beauty products and now has a direct link to cancer

Because we are exposed to so many toxic ingredients day in and day out, from the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink and now, the beauty products we use, it’s more important now than ever that you keep a close watch on the ingredients you’re putting directly into your skin and pores.

Here are 7 of the best natural skin care products that not only come with their own health benefits, but more importantly are free of chemicals, dyes, parabens, fragrance and essentially, toxins:

  1. Coconut oil is one of the most versatile and widely-used health and beauty products today. When applied to your skin topically, coconut oil’s skin benefits include strengthening the top layer of your skin, removing dead skin cells, and protecting your skin from sunburn and even damage. Use coconut oil to cleanse, moisturize, remove makeup and even heal your skin. Ingested internally, coconut oil reduces inflammation throughout your body and skin, offers antibacterial properties, help nourish your gut, improves your overall immune system function, and aids in hormonal and digestive function. I highly recommend keeping a jar of organic expeller-pressed coconut oil in both your kitchen and bathroom and use it daily!
  2. Apple cider vinegar is one of the most inexpensive natural skin care products and offers a host of skincare benefits. This powerful skin-clearing ingredient helps to kill pathogen and bacteria (such as acne), cleanses the skin, treats sores, offers anti-fungal properties and detoxifies the skin topically.
  3. Honey, specifically raw honey, works as an incredible source of nutrients, enzymes and vitamins for the skin. This naturally-occurring ingredient helps fight breakouts, moisturizes, heals wounds and can even reduce the appearance of scars.
  4. Tea tree oil has been used for centuries and works as an anti-inflammatory to help fight breakouts and reduce redness in the skin. As an added bonus, tea tree oil is widely known for it’s antibacterial, antimicrobial and antifungal properties, too. Because of it’s many benefits and versatility, tea tree oil is one of the best all-natural solutions for fighting acne.
  5. Sea salt is packed with skin-boosting minerals like magnesium and calcium, helping to protect and restore the skin. Plus, it’s anti-inflammatory properties help soothe and remove dead skin, balance oil production and keep your skin moist and supple.
  6. Aloe Vera, most commonly known to help heal sunburns, is also very soothing when used topically on the skin. For centuries, aloe vera has been used to treat infections and diseases of the skin, as well as fungal infections, too. Aloe vera speeds up wound healing, such as breakouts, and helps detoxify your skin and body, especially when ingested orally.
  7. Almond oil, just like almonds, offers many health benefits, especially when applied topically to your skin. This naturally fragrant oil offers many antiviral, antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Because of this, it naturally helps treat skin rashes, dryness and even acne.

Just as important as the products you use on your body, it’s crucial to remember that what you put into your body also plays a huge role in your outer appearance, too – of course, a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water being at the top of the list. Aside from these simple lifestyle factors, certain vitamins and supplements are also known to help improve your appearance and heal your skin, too.

Probiotics are some of the most crucial supplements you can take for overall health. In fact, this is my “one” supplement I’d never go a day without. This “good bacteria” that promotes overall gut health also helps improve your immune system, controls your hormones, can help regulate hunger and even energy levels, too. Probiotics assist your immune system and gut help flush out bad bacteria and toxins, such as years, viruses, fungi and even parasites, too.

Omegas are essential fatty acids that help bring moisture to your skin. When your skin is well moisturized, it is supple and elastic, which means less fine lines and wrinkles. Aside from skin health, omegas, such as EPA and DHA, help maintain hormonal function, nervous system health, and immune system function, too.

Collagen has quickly (and rightfully so) become one of the most popular natural skin care supplements on the market. This powerful protein helps to build healthy skin cells and is what keeps your skin looking soft, firm and youthful. And as an added bonus, it’s excellent for hair growth, too!

Vitamin C, most commonly known to help boost your immune system, helps your body produce more collagen so it works beautifully when taken in addition to a collagen supplement. Not to mention, vitamin C is one of the most powerful antioxidants, helping your body to rid itself of toxins while also boosting your immune system and supporting your adrenal glands, too.


Your diet plays a huge role in not only your overall health, but your skin health, too. If you suffer from acne, eczema or other frequent skin issues, eat lots of dark, leafy greens, cut out gluten and sugar, get plenty of rest and try to stress a lot less. I know these may seem all too simple, but they can truly be the answer to many of your biggest skin issues and overall health concerns.


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