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Do you catch yourself piling on mascara or even using false lashes on a regular basis to improve the appearance of your lackluster lashes? Does your red or even blonde hair cause your lashes to appear blonde or red as well? Many of Dr. Shel’s patients come into our office seeking longer, darker lashes – not realizing there is a medical solution available.

Dr. Shel is proud to offer Latisse to those seeking safe and long-lasting enhancement of their lashes. Latisse is a prescription medication that helps your eyelashes grow fuller, longer and thicker than ever before. It is easy to use and can be applied every morning just like mascara. While results take 4 months to fully experience, you’ll notice an improvement each day. After four months many patients switch to every other day use in order to maintain their results for the long term.

Latisse will quickly make your lashes thicker, longer and darker – with one easy daily step. Don’t waste money on false lashes or even mascaras that promise volume but leave you disappointed. Contact Dr. Shel today to learn more about Latisse.

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