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As we begin the month of February and Valentine’s Day approaches, thoughts move towards the celebration of love, romance and passion.  It inspired our Wellness Team to focus on ‘Living Passionately’ and everything that it entails this month.

It’s difficult to live with passion if you don’t feel your best. We are all guilty at times of becoming so busy that we don’t truly pay attention to how we are feeling.  I recently posted on my Facebook page that “Ladies so often take care of everyone else first, while forgetting about themselves.” (And we all know men can do this too.) We often settle for the ‘status quo’, and when people ask us how we are, we tell them we are ‘fine’ or ‘ok’.  But if we are to live with a passion for life, we must feel our best.  When someone asks us how we are, our response should be ‘outstanding!’, ‘fantastic!’ or ‘wonderful!’

I encourage you to slow down for a moment and take inventory. Ask yourself some honest questions:

  • How am I feeling…really?
  • Is my energy level high?
  • Have I been under a lot of stress?
  • Am I happy with the way my skin looks? My body?
  • How is my love life? Is it full of passion, or has the ‘heat’ waned?

Reflecting on questions like this from time to time (and answering yourself sincerely) is important in truly attaining a life of health, happiness and harmony…a passionate life!

What you feed yourself is important also, and I don’t just mean the food that you eat.  I mean what you listen to, what you watch, the thoughts you allow to ‘camp out’ in your mind.  It’s important to encourage yourself and surround yourself with things and people that build you up inside and feed your passion.

Here are a few encouraging articles I recommend:

I hope you enjoy them, and if there is any way I can help you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

This month I encourage you to ‘Live Passionately!’

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