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As we turn our focus to Breast Cancer Awareness this month, I believe it’s important to celebrate the survivors-the ones who have harrowed the storm and made it through. And what an amazing time we live in, where so many lives are being saved. But after going through cancer treatment, many are left wondering what to do next-not knowing how to restore their bodies that have been through so much.

Life after cancer can be a difficult road to navigate. Thanks to many advances in oncology medicine, treatment options are not as daunting as they once were; however, they can leave people feeling everything but full of life and vitality. Integrative medicine is paving the way to help restore health after cancer treatment which sheds hope for a life full of wellness.

1. Nutritional Testing and Supplementation with Professional Grade Supplements: are essential when a patient is working to restore a healthy state after cancer treatments have depleted their nutritional status. A specialized Micronutrient test by Spectracell allows us to determine individual nutritional deficiencies by looking into your white blood cells. The necessary vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants are then customized to rebuild your state of health.

2. Myer’s Nutritional Infusions: have been used successfully for several decades where essential vitamins are infused directly into your bloodstream without passing through your GI tract. This treatment boosts immunity, increases energy & decreases inflammation and is performed under medical supervision.

3. DIM: known as Diindolemethane is an excellent choice for patients who may be hormonally imbalanced but may or may not be ideal candidates for hormone replacement therapy. DIM is a naturally derived ingredient found in healthy cruciferous vegetables and is best known for its ability to remove unhealthy estrogens from our bodies. Hormonal balance is key to reduce a variety of symptoms and can assist with keeping certain cancers such as breast and colon cancers at bay.

4. Stress Reduction: is imperative when you’re trying to achieve a healthy mind, body & life. Everyday stress can trigger an increase in cortisol production which may cause inflammation in the body & eventually lead to diseases. Patients should get their cortisol levels tested by using a diurnal saliva test. Recommended stress reducers are: walking, yoga, reading, meditation, visualization, & 1 hour of personal quiet time per day. There is a very strong connection between mind and body and I often see that the health of the body greatly improves by first creating a healthy state of mind.

5. Detoxification / healthy diet: work in combination with each other to build up nutritional status while decreasing toxins to reduce inflammation. Numerous types of detox methods are extremely beneficial and include: infrared sauna, smoothie detox shakes, enzymes and supplements, and aqua detox to name just a few.

“Clean foods” can include: organic fish, seafood, chicken, turkey, & nuts along with free radical fighting fruits & vegetables to keep your body healthy & strong. Juicing is an excellent way to boost daily intake of food-sourced vitamins and minerals and is simple to prepare.

Creating a lifestyle that is full of health, energy & vitality can be managed much easier with a combination of all of these important aspects of complete health. The best advice I can dispense is to thoroughly educate yourself on integrative treatments and take time for yourself to ensure effective long term health & happiness that is cancer-free.

Note: It is not advised to begin any recommended treatments without the approval of a Medical Doctor.

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