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Perfecting Your Body May Be Possible With a Non-Surgical Body Contouring Procedure at Dr. Shel Wellness & Aesthetic Center.

Body Contouring Sugar Land TXThat little pouch on your tummy that remains isn’t still there for a lack of trying. Maybe you’ve spent hours upon hours at the gym. You had your nose to the grindstone, sweat pouring.

However, no matter how much you tried to lose that pocket, it just remained with you. That pouch is about the equivalent of your phone in the sense that it goes with you everywhere, but it’s definitely not as useful.

And maybe you’ve tried every fad diet and did a physician-prescribed one and wound up completely out of luck with no results.

The solution might be right under your nose, well underneath the handheld device that heats the target area to get rid of those unwanted fat cells once and for all. It’s none other than body contouring in Sugar Land, TX — a treatment that directs heat at an area to remove the fat cells and give you a firmer, more contoured body.

Your dream body is within reach with our body contouring procedure that’s non-invasive and helps with areas where diet and exercise alone just aren’t enough.

Signs You May Want To Consider Body Contouring

  • Diet and Exercise Ran Their Course

    Do you spend every day exercising and eating right, but the little hand on the scale has become static? Perhaps you even upped your game, and that didn’t change a thing. You’re now left wondering why…

    While hormones are at the top of that list, a number of other factors affect why you can’t get rid of that pooch and can’t seem to lose those last five or 10 pounds. These include metabolism, inadequate sleep, stress, and genetics, to name a few.

    So, if you’ve hit that standstill, now’s the time to accomplish your goals with body contouring.

    Though it isn’t a magical weight loss solution, it can help sculpt your body and give you that chiseled look you’ve pictured in the mirror for who knows how long.

  • You’re Close to Your Target Weight

    While you may dream of just being over a buck, that’s not practical for many. Their stature just doesn’t allow for it to happen healthily. What is known is that your body mass index is currently the most acceptable way to determine if you’re at a healthy weight. This method dates back to the 1800s. (Wow, we’re shocked, too!)

    You can actually calculate your BMI online using a specialized calculator. Ideally, you want this answer to be between 18.5 and 24.9.

    In addition, if you’re over and close to being happy with your body, we can still perform this procedure. Typically, we recommend our patients have a body mass index of 30 or less to qualify. If you are any higher, you may not receive the results you desire.

  • Overall, You’re Healthy

    We want to go on record by saying our body contouring treatment is minimally invasive and not known to cause severe health issues. Any side effects tend to be mild and temporary.

    And with that said… some conditions will interfere with your ability to heal and recover, even from a treatment that isn’t very extensive. For instance, we don’t advise patients with un- or under-controlled diabetes to undergo this procedure. It’s also not for those with a blood or autoimmune disorder or cardiovascular disease.

    Those with eczema, psoriasis, or another similar condition, particularly one that’s active, may not receive this treatment and will need to have the issue under control prior to undergoing a body contouring treatment.

  • You’re a Realist

    Some patients think non-invasive procedures can work wonders and replace surgical ones. This, however, isn’t the case. In the first few days, you may see very little difference. At that point, that’s when your body will start to break down those fat cells and sweep them away.

    We’re very open and honest with our patients. That being said, this isn’t a weight loss procedure. It’s intended to improve the tone and shape of your body to enhance your figure. Moreover, results vary from patient to patient.

    Whenever we assess you for the procedure, we’ll ask you what you can expect to happen from the treatment so you fully understand what the most likely outcome is.

  • You Have Only a Small Pocket of Fat to Get Rid Of

    If you have more than a little excess fat or skin, you may not experience the effects you desire. Therefore, we recommend that you only have a small pocket of fat you want to lose, no more. We encourage you to dry diet and exercise to rid your body of it before you take the initiative to seek out a body contouring procedure.

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Body Contouring in Sugar Land, TX, Can Give You the Body You Want.

Body Contouring Sugar Land TXDr. Shel Wellness & Aesthetic Center Body contouring may be that little extra oomph, that mini push, that propels your weight loss the extra step and sculpts your body. In the end, you’ll have a figure you can proudly look at in the mirror without the need for surgical intervention.

You can achieve your dream body with a simple procedure, and we offer a variety of others, like CoolSculpting, which works similarly to Vanquish with one minute detail being different — CoolSculpting uses cold temperatures, while Vanquish uses warmer temperatures to target the unwanted cells.

If you’re ready to enhance your figure, give us a call at 281-609-4439 to schedule your consultation. We’re ready, able, willing, and skilled (above all).

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