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It’s a subject that many women shy away from, yet the topic is a huge part of our lives-our libidos.  This month, we are focusing on ‘Living Passionately’ and that includes all areas of our lives-including intimacy.  How many of you out there are happy with that area of your life?

Are you settling for a second rate romantic life because you believe you can’t have it any better?  Do you believe that you’re ‘just at that age’ and that low libido is normal? As we age, our hormone levels change and can effect so many parts of our lives and bodies-including what happens in the bedroom.

I believe that this area of our lives is vitally important-you were made to enjoy intimacy!  Lack of desire and inability to enjoy sex are not something that I believe we have to accept; it’s my mission to help my patients in this area.  I have successfully treated many people, both men and women, by addressing some of the following issues:

Checking hormone levels and finding the right balance for the individual patient by using Bioidentical Hormones.  ‘Bio-identical’ means that it is exactly like what your body produces, so your body recognizes it and knows how to use them.  Optimal hormone levels are absolutely key in restoring your libido.  You can read more about our hormone program here.

-Addressing your vitamin and supplement needs to help enhance your libido, energy level and overall health.

We also offer a treatment called the G-Shot, which enhances a women’s ability to enjoy intimacy.  A simple injection can help improve your sexual experience for approximately 6 months.  You can find more information by clicking here.

Oprah, Robin McGraw and Dr. Christiane Northrup discussed the topic of Bioidentical Hormones on an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show, which you can read about hereDr. Northrup is an expert in this field-it was wonderful to see her have such a broad platform to educate the public on how bio-identical hormones can help women in so many ways.

If you are reading this, then you deserve to have a passionate, satisfying love life.  If that doesn’t currently describe your experience, I would love to help you.  Please consider contacting our office and scheduling a complimentary consultation and let us ‘renew your passion!’

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