In my practice this month, we are focusing on finding ‘Balance & Harmony’ in every area of our lives.  In no other area is that more important than in our brain health.  Every thought and every action originates from our brain, so it is vital that our mind is functioning at its optimal potential.  Many people neglect this area of their health simply due to lack of knowledge concerning how they can enhance their brain function.  I hope to shed some light on a treatment that has been proven successful in doing just that.

Think of it like having a personal trainer for your brain.  Our NeurOptimal Neurofeedback treatment will help train your mind to work better, to organize your thoughts and overcome ineffective thinking patterns.

Alzheimer’s and dementia are becoming more prevalent in our society and I speak with many patients who are concerned with the topic of aging regarding their minds, not only in the rest of their body.  You can read more about NeurOptimal from the Zengar website, which is the company that we work with to provide the NeurOptimal treatment to our patients.

“As our body ages it goes through physical, chemical and biological changes. The brain is no different. While mental fitness is important at all ages, it is especially relevant after age 40 when a number of anatomical changes begin to adversely impact our brains. Structural and chemical changes, memory loss, loss of neural circuitry, loss of brain plasticity, loss of white and gray matter and an overall thinning of the cortex are all well documented age-related phenomena that can impact our mental, emotional and physical well-being. Fortunately, these age related effects can be slowed down and even reversed. NeurOptimal® trainers in Europe, North America and Australia have worked with thousand of clients who have enjoyed anti-aging benefits. Clients have experienced renewed creativity, increased intellectual power, improvements in memory and greater focus and concentration. NeurOptimal® is a key component in any plan that focuses on reducing the ravages of aging and works further by supporting other changes, such as dietary shifts, supplementation with vitamins and minerals, bio-identical hormone balancing, staying socially active and intellectually engaged, and exercising regularly.”

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