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Summer is here and with it, bikini season. You surely don’t want to be at the beach or pool looking or feeling bloated. Stomach bloating is uncomfortable and un-flattering, so, to that end, here are six foods that can help you “beat the bloat”:



  1. Yogurt or kefir are two of the best foods for reducing bloating while increasing the overall health of your dietary tract. Try adding a natural sweetener such as Agave or honey to plain yogurt.
  2. Bananas are at their bloat-reducing best when eaten raw. They are filled with potassium – which helps reduce salt-induced bloating – and they are a good source of pre-biotic fiber, which helps to feed good gut bacteria and improve digestion
  3. Kiwi may be the high fiber kick you’re looking for if you feel bloated due to sluggish bowels or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).
  4. Cucumbers placed on your puffy eyes can decrease their puffiness. Cucumbers have the same effect on your stomach. They contain “flavonoids,” anti-inflammatory chemicals that can help reduce that “bloaty” feeling. If you’re not keen on munching cucumbers, try adding some slices to your ice water – to reduce bloating and add natural flavor to your water.
  5. Turmeric is best known for spicing up Indian food, but it may also calm down a bloated, upset stomach or heart-burn. The anti-inflammatory properties of the bright-orange spice are attributed to the compound curcumin.
  6. Ginger is one of the best natural solutions to alleviate digestive problems and discomfort. As a natural anti-inflammatory, ginger root cuts down on bloating and abdominal discomfort, leaving you feeling one step closer to stepping into your new bikini. Brew it as either warm or iced tea.

Bloating can seem like one of your worst enemies when bikini season comes around, but you can cut down on the discomfort, pain, and appearance of bloating in one of these all-natural ways. Dr. Shel is eager to answer any questions you may have about your body, health and diet. Schedule a consultation, today: 281-698-7435.

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