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More than 12 million Americans suffer from Food Allergies and sensitivities and are mis-diagnosed; an estimated 3 million sufferers are children.  In my professional experience I have encountered many patients who suffer from the common symptoms related to food allergies and sensitivities which can include the following:

-Cramping and bloating

– Indigestion

– Inability to lose weight

– Depression

– Acne and other skin conditions

– Fatigue

– Nausea and vomiting

– Diarrhea or constipation

– Hives or eczema

– Asthma

– Anaphylaxis

Simple blood testing can be done to determine your body’s specific allergens which aid in pinpointing what foods you are sensitive to.  Based upon these results, treatments can range from eliminating these foods and by-products to taking  specialized allergy drops, which desensitize your body to the foods that are the cause of your symptoms.  The concerns with food sensitivities and allergies are very real yet can be complicated for you, the patient. It is best to educate yourself, keep track of the frequency of symptoms, and speak with your doctor about your concerns; relief is just around the corner.

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