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Whether you are trying to lose a bit of summer weight or simply maintain your current weight, it can be difficult to avoid mirrors, and consequently, give up. Your progress may seem slow, and you may feel like you will never get past your current plateau. Sometimes it’s those last five or ten pounds that are the most stubborn.

Think about this: To be successful at weight loss, you need to realize what is at the root cause of your weight gain in the first place, and then find the tools to conquer the areas that need work.

Below are six common, universal, typical reasons for weight gain. Maybe there is one that resonates with you. It could also be a combination of factors:

  • Stress. Relaxation is not always the answer, but it may be if it’s reaching unhealthy levels in your life and leading to weight gain.
  • Hormonal Imbalances. More common than you may realize are the hormonal imbalances found in many women and men. Whether you are a woman suffering from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, struggling with infertility and weight gain, or a male cancer survivor with hypothyroidism, uneven hormone levels could be “helping” you hold on to extra pounds.
  • Diet and Exercise. Calories in. Calories out. It’s a simple math problem. Your diet and exercise must be closely watched as you pursue your weight-loss goals.
  • Medication. Your medications may be causing you to gain weight. If you need the meds, there may not be much of a choice here. Ask your doctor if there is a similar medication you can take that won’t result in weight gain.
  • Genetics. If you are dealing with diabetes or a slow metabolism, it’s hard to lose weight – you may have to work harder – but a predisposition does not have to be permanent.
  • Smoking and Alcohol. Smoking and alcohol can do a number on your hormones and wreak havoc on your body, especially when it comes to weight. Just Google the number of calories in a glass of wine, for example.

A good place to start on your weight-loss journey is a consultation with Dr. Shel. Call, today: 281-698-7435 or visit us.

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