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Renewing your skin and reviving how you feel about yourself…good reasons to schedule a chemical peel. Chemical peels are popular, easy, and fast and can make your skin glow. If you’ve thought about a chemical peel but would like to know more, read on. We specialize in making your skin look gorgeous. A chemical peel is just one of our specialties.

A chemical peel involves a combination of alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) or beta hydroxy acid (BHA) which is applied to your skin, in layers, much like a treatment mask. The acids dissolve the top layers of your skin creating a controlled wound which allows your skin to regenerate itself.

A chemical peel can:

  1. improve skin texture and tone
  2. improve minor scarring
  3. treat acne
  4. create softer, smoother skin
  5. increase collagen production
  6. reduce fine lines
  7. un-clog pores
  8. remove sun spots, freckles and blotches

Exfoliate your skin at home or have a professional dermabrasion treatment to prepare your skin before your peel. During your peel, your skin will feel warm. You may also feel slight stinging, or burning. After your peel, your skin will feel a bit dry and tight, and may be red for an hour or so. Your skin will be sensitive to the sun, so you must be extra diligent about sunscreen use.

It’s advisable that you modify your lifestyle following your peel to avoid any irritation to your sensitive skin. Avoid excessive exercise, saunas or hot tubs for a few days and don’t scrub or pick at your face. A chemical peel cannot dramatically improve deep wrinkles or sagging skin.

We can enhance your peel with a photo facial or another procedure, such as a Botox treatment or a dermal filler. Dr. Shel will determine what treatment combination best meets your needs. Call for a consultation appointment, today: 281-698-7435.

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