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Here in Texas this time of year, we are all very familiar with a little perspiration.  It’s often so hot and humid outside that even a short walk from our house to our car can generate a significant sheen on our faces.  For some people, however, perspiration can be excessive and unpredictable-even hindering their quality of life.

Perspiration is the body’s natural way of cooling itself.  We all experience increased sweating on a hot day, after a good workout, or when we are in a stressful situation.  Our body will automatically ‘tell’ itself to begin perspiring when it’s needed in various situations.  But for some people, they experience excessive perspiration without any logical trigger.  This condition is called ‘hyperhidrosis’.

Hyperhidrosis can cause a person great difficulty and embarrassment.  They literally have no control over when they will be drenched in sweat and often feel helpless. Imagine going on a job interview, a first date or speaking in public with hyperhidrosis.  For most of us, those would be stressful situations and we may perspire a bit-but for those who suffer with this condition, their clothes could be drenched in minutes!

In my practice, one of my specialties is using ‘injectables’, such as Botox to improve the look of a patient’s face.  Many people don’t realize that Botox has many other useful applications as well.  It can actually be utilized in treating hyperhidrosis in the underarm region.

To reduce excessive perspiration in the armpit area, Botox can be injected to hinder the sweat glands from overproducing.  It’s a quick and easy treatment that will produce results very quickly.  Once the area has been treated, results can last for several months.

For more helpful information on how Botox can help with Hyperhidrosis, visit the Botox site here.

And for more information about how we utilize Botox in my practice, you can click here.

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