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Acne can be embarrassing and painful – at any age. In some cases it can leave permanent scars. If you’ve been suffering from and fighting acne, here are a few tips to help eliminate it:



  • Begin With Impeccable Hygiene. Bad hygiene isn’t the only culprit behind breakouts, but good hygiene habits are the first step to preventing and eliminating acne.
  • Wash your face morning and night with a gentle cleanser and soft cloth
  • Use an oil free moisturizer
  • Wear minimal makeup; always remove it before going to bed
  • Keep your hair away from your face
  • Wash your hands frequently and don’t touch your face with your hands
  • Change your pillowcase at least once a week
  • Protect Your Skin From Sun Damage. It’s hard to prevent breakouts and treat acne if your skin is damaged. Sun damage can also have serious long-term effects, including skin cancer. Protect your skin by applying sunscreen whenever you go outside and reapplying it throughout the day. It is also wise to wear a wide brimmed hat to protect your face.
  • Relax and De-Stress. Stress can cause breakouts or make them worse, so take time to relax. Listen to music, call a friend, take a bubble bath, walk on the beach, or indulge in some retail therapy.
  • Try Over-the-Counter Treatments. For mild breakouts and occasional acne, over-the-counter medications may solve your problems. Most drugstores, grocery stores, and supermarkets carry acne medications. Look for those with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid.
  • Visit a Dermatologist. Some types of acne are difficult and serious and can’t be treated by improving your hygiene and applying over-the-counter products. If this is the case, visit a dermatologist who can treat the three main types of acne – comedonal, inflammatory, and cystic. Each type of acne has a different cause and requires a different treatment. Dr. Shel can determine which type of acne you are dealing with and choose appropriate treatments – including suggesting ways to modify your dietary habits.

To learn more about treating your acne, call to schedule an appointment with Dr. Shel, today: 281-698-7435.

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