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Do you have a healthy diet and exercise routine in place, but struggle with areas of stubborn deposits of fat? One of the most popular new trends in cosmetic procedures is CoolSculpting…a safe, FDA approved, non-surgical, quick and simple way to eliminate stubborn fat.

CoolSculpting uses a unique, non-surgical technology which cools and freezes unwanted fat cells. No hospital stay, anesthesia or incisions are required; there is no risk of infection and absolutely no downtime following the procedure.

Once your fat cells are crystallized, they will be naturally expelled from your body. And the good news is…if you maintain a healthy weight through diet and exercise, your CoolSculpting results can be permanent!

How does it work?

During the procedure, a gel pad protects your skin while the targeted area is placed between metal plates. Your fat cells shrink and are frozen, making it possible for your body to eliminate them on your own. Patients describe the sensation as cold with a little bit of pressure. Within a few minutes, however, the cold sensation goes away. You can sleep, meditate, return emails or phone calls during your CoolSculpting procedure.

What can you expect?

You can return to your regular activities immediately following the procedure because it is not invasive. There may be some redness or discomfort in the targeted area, but they go away quickly. Results are gradual because CoolSculpting helps your body eliminate your fat on its own, naturally. You should see results in approximately three weeks. You body will continue to eliminate your fat cells for four to six months.

Would you be a good candidate for CoolSculpting?

If you want instant results or need to lose a substantial amount of weight CoolSculpting is not a good option. CoolSculpting works best for healthy patients who are close to their ideal weight, but who want to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat.

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