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As a Houstonian, you are probably no stranger to seasonal allergies. Patients react to different conditions in different ways. One of these allergens may bother you extensively, while you may be completely unaware of others. By knowing what triggers your seasonal allergies, we can treat you with the use of customized allergy drops…that right, NO Shots. Allergy drops are a highly effective, safe, and convenient treatment conveniently taken at home.

Some of the Most Common Allergies in Houston You May be Suffering From:

  • Pollen: This substance is probably the most common cause of seasonal allergies across the country, including in Houston. Pollen moves through the air and spreads easily in areas with little rain.
  • Cedar: A cedar allergy may have similar symptoms to pollen allergies – except cedar is more likely to also appear during winter months. Cedar is incredibly popular in Texas and can travel great distances – making us all susceptible to the sneezing and watery eyes that accompany “cedar fever.”
  • Box Elder: Often unique to Houston, box elder allergies are extreme and can cause difficulty breathing, asthma-like symptoms.
  • Other Trees: Pine, Juniper, Oak and Birch trees are common in Houston and can cause excessive allergies during the spring season. The strong symptoms associated with tree allergies may even be flu-like.
  • Ragweed: Very common across the country, ragweed allergies involve a lot of sneezing and watery eyes.
  • Arroyo Willow: Common during the early Spring, presenting as early as January in Houston.

If you need help managing your seasonal allergies, contact Dr. Shel today to learn how our wellness services can improve your condition or take our allergy test here.

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