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Health and wellness continues to take a backseat to our careers and kids. Work stress and the bulging schedules of soccer, football and gymnastics have many of us reeling just to keep up. That means less sleep, more anxiety and a body vanquished of its natural resources.

So is there really any time of day that your body works best? Some will say your body clock has an optimum time at which it functions highest. Perhaps. But the real answer is that your body works best when it’s calibrated and adjusted, just like a ceiling fan; just like an engine.

Calibration means balance, an element that should define your daily schedule. For every upsetting business meeting or the stress of driving homebumper to bumper, there must be a time where you can run to a secret garden for escape and personal time. It’s called rejuvenation, rest and relaxation.

It’s not a fantasy to have a secret garden. It can be anywhere, anytime. It’s simply moments and minutes where you can take your foot off the accelerator. It’s your time to re-energize your body, mind and spirit. It means wedging in a little time for y-o-u. It may seem impossible. But consider the options. What happens when a ceiling fan or engine runs high-speed all the time? It fizzles and fries. Ball-bearings bust, inner mechanisms crash and cars become clunkers. That’s not what you want for your body, your life or family.

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