Science has come a long way in recent years, especially in the field of skin care and aesthetics.  Once upon a time, we were only able to give our patients recommendations for skin treatment based on what our naked eye could see-what was visible on the surface.  There have been some amazing advancements in technology regarding skin health that can now allow us to see so much more.  This excites me because it’s very important to me to treat each patient as an individual. By utilizing some of the new technology that is available for skin analysis, our team is able to customize a treatment plan to meet your skin health needs.

We have a specialized tool that we use in my practice called a Visia Complexion Analysis machine.  It’s a very advanced technology that can examine your skin health, even seeing below the surface of the skin.

How it Works

Initially, you’ll be asked to remove any make up you are wearing on your face-this will give us the most accurate results. Your age and skin type will be entered into the Visia system-this is to compare your results to others in your peer group to give you a percentage grade based on the average results. Our goal would be to improve your percentage in each category.

Next, 3 different views of your face will be photographed with the specialized machine and data is analyzed and gathered from what it finds.

The Visia System will analyze:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • UV Damage
  • Pores
  • Skin Texture
  • Brown Spots
  • Red Spots
  • Porphirins (Bacteria on and under the skin)

From what the Visia machine is able to see, we would then customize a treatment plan for you, based on your individual needs.

I recommend this skin analysis for all of my patients, whether they are seeing me for skin issues or not.  The truth is that what is going on inside the body will eventually show itself on the outside, so I recommend this analysis even for my wellness patients to help better care for them and understand what’s going on inside their bodies.

This is also a great tool to use before and after a laser treatment or skin care regimen has been completed to have a scientific measurement of the overall improvement.

Once an analysis has been done, we’ll often recommend specific laser treatment be done to accommodate the patients needs.  For more information about some of the treatments that are available, click here. 

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