Alda was a long-time sufferer from PCOS, experiencing symptoms of irritability, weight gain, hair loss and even fertility issues (or at least she thought it was fertility issues at the time!).  After seeing multiple doctors who only wanted to prescribe her birth control pills to regulate her hormones, she decided to come to see Dr. Shel for further testing. Dr. Shel worked with her to begin unveiling layers of her health that were only covered up by traditional medicine, only to discover that Alda did not just have PCOS, but she had Autoimmune Thyroiditis, also known as Hashimoto’s Disease.  Dr. Shel immediately started Bioidentical Hormone Therapy, and within a month, Alda was feeling back to her usual self. She had more energy, no more mood swings, an increase in libido, and given only one month later, she was able to conceive! Listen to Alda tell her story, below.


Hi my name is Alda Patino and I am one of Dr. Shel’s consultants here at Dr. Shel Wellness and Aesthetic Center. Before working here I was actually one of her patients. I came in to get tested for my hormones to get my hormones balanced because I suffer from PCOS and I had gone to my OBGYN and with all these symptoms that I was experiencing, such as hair loss, weight gain, infertility and they basically just gave me birth control pills which never really helped. So, I came here and I got my hormones balance as well as my thyroid and I actually found out that I had Hashimoto’s something that my PCP never found.  I got tested millions of times for thyroid and it came out that I was in the normal range. They never tested my antibodies which doctor Shel sure did and found out I suffered from Hashimoto’s. Once all the testing came back Dr. Shel got me on bio-identical hormones which consisted of progesterone, testosterone as well as a compounded thyroid medication for my Hashimoto’s. Within a month after being on the bio-identical hormones I started feeling a lot better. My energy came back, my libido, my moods, everything was a hundred percent better after I started the bio-identicals and then a month after feeling better I actually got pregnant. I had no complications with my pregnancy. After the pregnancy, I didn’t suffer from any postpartum depression and the weight just came off. I know that there is a huge misconception that hormonal imbalances can only happen in your late forties, fifties and beyond, but that’s not necessarily true. It can happen at any age. I’m only 34 years old and I was suffering from hormonal imbalances. So, I encourage you, if you suffer from fatigue, insomnia, weight gain, irregular cycles, depression, anxiety, and even fertility, please come to see Dr. Shel and get your hormones balance. You owe it to yourself.


If you or someone you know feel like their hormones are imbalanced.  If there are mood swings, weight gain, or even hair loss. We would love to see you here at Dr. Shel’s for a free consultation!

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