As much as we wish we could avoid it, wrinkles and saggy skin are inevitable (eek!). But does this mean that our plump, soft skin will have to be a forever thing of the past? Absolutely not!

By now, you are probably familiar with injectables such as Botox or fillers, but you may still have doubts about how safe they are, if they are really effective, or how long the effects will last. We’ll answer all of these questions for you and share how you can not only turn back the clock several years, but how you can also fix a variety of other uses with a single office visit.

Fillers, such as Juvederm or Radiesse, are injectable cosmetic products used to replace the collagen that our skin loses with each additional candle on the cake. When injected by a certified professional, fillers can look flawless and natural, filling in lines above the lips, saggy skin around cheeks, and deep circles around the eyes. The effects last around a year on average, with zero downtime after the procedure.

Aside from lines and wrinkles, fillers can work miracles on patients who wish to reshape their nose without surgery, restore youthful-looking hands, fix saggy earlobes due-to years of heavy earrings, and more. Take a look at these patients’ before and afters:



The “no-knife nose job” is the most simple solution for individuals looking to reshape the bridge and tip of their nose. This procedure can be used to smooth or straighten out the nasal hump, correct asymmetry, build up the bridge, or enhance the nose tip. The effects are not permanent but can last from 1-2.5 years before the necessity for re-injection.

Fun fact: Dermal fillers last longer in the nose than anywhere else in the body because there are no dynamic muscle movements.  

Hands & Feet

Whether we like it or not, our hands can often give away our age in the matter of a glance. With the loss of collagen, wrinkles will begin to appear along with your veins and tendons becoming more prominent. The Radiesse Hand Lift will plump up and restore the youthful appearance of hands. It is injected just beneath the skin to raise the skin so that it is level with tendons and veins which reduces the prominence of veins and tendons, and makes your hands look youthful and supple.

To top it off, Radiesse is also a collagen stimulator to aid your body’s own natural collagen production. The results of a Radiesse Hand Lift are immediately visible and can last up to two years.


Over time and with the use of heavy earrings, earlobes will begin to stretch and sag. Fillers can be used to quickly and effectively restore the youthful plumpness to your earlobes. And just like the nose, dermal fillers last longer in the earlobes because there is no muscle movement.

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